Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Hot Cookery, It's A Hot Dog Kinda Day!

July is National Hot Dog Month, what better time to serve up 40 Fabulous Things To Do with Franks?

Fast, Easy, Foolproof! That's the Frankfurt. Everyone's favorite. Fix it plain, fix it fancy. For the family, for your guests. Here are 40 ways to begin--along with our wishes for happy eating!

I must warn you though. These "Red Hot" recipes may just be a bit out of your league.

Others may frankly make a bit of sense.

I just don't see these Ring Arounds cutting the mustard. However, you may prefer grounders...

Here's a home run if you have a chafing dish handy.

A curve ball...

An All American...

Stop, Go, Hurry Up...


Now that's what I call some Red Hot Cookery!

I'm guessing this undated booklet was probably produced around the 1940s. I find it rather odd that it is stamped on the back Vogel's Shoe Store, Sandusky, Ohio. How, why the House of Fine Meat Specialties would hawk their wares at a shoe store is beyond me!