Monday, August 26, 2013

At the Fair

Hi everyone! It's been a beautiful couple of days here in central PA. I've been buzzing around trying to get things in order in the garden. However, I was a "bad" girl this weekend, I went to the Fair! These are images from last year because I left my camera at the fair grounds. I'm actually going back to the fair for the next couple of days. I should be back by Wednesday! Enjoy, Louise

We passed this sign on the way to the fairgrounds. I just had to get a click:)

Can you find me:)

As you can imagine, I'm all about the Bloomin' goodies!

We won't even talk about how long it takes me to choose a funnel cake to devour!

The Fudge Puppies are an easy decision. I'll take one of each. How about you?

This is just a teeny tiny taste of the enormous amount of food at the fair. Of course there are rides too:)

"See" Ya Wednesday!