Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fortunes in the Coffee Grounds?

Black as the Devil;
Hot as Hell;
Pure as an Angel!
Note these well.
Then- "Sweet as Love!"

It's that time of year again everyone, National Coffee Month! Oh, I know, we've celebrated coffee in one way or another through the years. But today, if you wouldn't mind, instead of sipping the "history of coffee" or nibbling on the truth about whether there really is coffee in Coffee Cake, how about a crusade into the world of fortune telling as presented by a once notable brand of coffee called Chase & Sanborn?

It isn't a very large booklet, as a matter of fact, it only measures three inches tall by four inches wide. It's in fabulous condition considering it was published in 1897!

"If you want to improve your understanding, drink coffee." Sydney Smith

I was undecided as to whether I should share the entire book with you but after a bit of consideration and a few more gulps of coffee, I said to myself, "Spill the Beans!" I hope you enjoy it:)

Fortune Telling By Cards

Reading Character From Date of Birth

Signs and Superstitions in Common Use

Royal Gems & the Language of Flowers

Dreams and Their Meanings

Palmistry or Telling Fortune by the Palm of the Hand

Fortune Telling by the Grounds In a Tea or Coffee Cup

Or the ancient art of overturning a coffee cup and seeing the future in the patterns left behind by the grounds; Tasseography.

"Traditionally, coffee readers use Turkish coffee, or any coffee that has grinds that sit at the bottom of the cup. Most of the liquid in the coffee is drunk, but the sediment at the bottom is left behind. It is often believed that the drinker of the coffee should not read their own cup. There are at least two forms of coffee reading. Both require that the cup be covered with the saucer and turned upside-down.

Some traditions, such as in Romania, require that the sediments in the cup be swirled around the inside of the cup until they cover the majority of the cup's inside surface. Other traditions, such as Turkish and Middle Eastern, do not require this swirling but do require that the cup be turned towards yourself for showing your own fortune. The coffee grounds are given time to settle and dry against the cup before a reading begins.

Many interpretations for symbols exist, but one common thread is the color of the symbols. Since most cups used are white or ivory and the grounds are dark, strong contrast exists for the symbols. White is considered a "good" symbol foretelling of generally positive things for the drinker, while the grounds themselves are considered to form "bad" symbols. Symbols can be many things, including people, animals, and inanimate objects. Usually, the fortune teller will group nearby symbols together for a prediction. After a reading, the drinker will be asked to "open the heart". This is done by placing the right thumb at the inside bottom of the cup and twisting clockwise slightly. This will leave an impression behind that the fortune teller will interpret as the drinker's inner thoughts or emotions." wikipedia

Enjoy the month of August everyone before you know it...And yes, if you are wondering about that coffee pot at the top of this post, it's the pot I use everyday to make my coffee. It's a percolator! Marion drinks tea which she makes in the Keurig:)

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