Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's Almost October; What Shall We Celebrate?

I can't remember the last time I posted a list of monthly food celebrations. Can you? I didn't think so:) It's been a while. For those of you who are new to this blog, welcome. I'm not so sure October is such a good initiation month for you. It is loaded with monthly celebrations. I kid you not. I've been posting monthly food celebrations for years now and I don't think there is any other month that celebrates food as much as October. So, for you new visitors and my loyal visitors, hold onto your hats, October is bursting with flavors!

October is...

American Cheese Month
American Cheese Month

National Pasta Month (World Pasta Day is October 26th:)

Pasta Month
Pasta Month Logo

Pasta Fits is having a recipe contest.

Do you have a delicious, healthy pasta recipe everyone loves? Share it with us to win $1,500 and a copy of Tina Ruggiero's new cookbook, "The Truly Healthy Family Cookbook"!
Contest Starts: September 27, 2013 00:00
Submission Deadline: October 20, 2013 23:59
National Pizza Month

October is a wonderful month for dessert! Not only is it National Dessert Month,

Dessert Month
Dessert Circus

It's also Apple Month, Caramel Month and Cookie Month!

Apple Month
Apple Month

There some snackin' going on in October too. It's Popcorn Poppin' Month!

And, National Nut Month too.

I couldn't resist snapping this picture of a local acorn tree. I do believe I will try to grow one!
Acorns, the nut of the oak tree, have been a staple of California Indian diet for more than 4,000 years, and for many groups, the most important plant food. Native Californians harvested 10 or more species of acorns, with the tanbark oak, black oak, blue oak, and valley oak being preferred species. Acorns are extremely nutritious, containing up to 18 percent fat, 6 percent protein, and 68 percent carbohydrate as well as vitamins A and C and many amino acids. (source)

You see what I mean about all these monthly celebrations for October. We haven't even touched on the daily food celebrations yet. I think it best if we leave off here for now and I'll continue the list on Wednesday. I may also have a little surprise for you on Wednesday, we'll see:)

In the meantime, don't forget World Vegetarian Day tomorrow. (October is Vegetarian Awareness Month too) You already know about Cookie Month but October 1st is National Cookie Day too. See what I mean? Oh the tangled web of food days:) "See" ya Wednesday!

P.S. Happy Michaelmas! Today is the Feast Day of St. Michael the Archangel. I'll be around visiting all your delicious blogs on Monday. Marion and I are taking a day trip today:)