Sunday, October 27, 2013

Michele's Surprise Party

It's hard to believe we are approaching the end of October. Where has the month gone? I've been so immersed in Pasta Month and the World Pasta Day Party that I've have neglected any mention of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

You may recall a post I did back in May titled It's Only A Boob. In that post, my daughter Michele encouraged all you ladies to "play with your boobies."

I woke this morning and went about my normal routine; got the kids off to school, checked Facebook on my phone, played a few games, then checked twitter. I don't "tweet" very much, but I do like to keep up with what's happening in the world of the people I "follow." This morning, of all mornings, I am extremely happy I did. I came across this amazing article that was posted. I am attaching it here and encouraging EVERY single one of my FB friends to read it and pass it on. But first, my story! On March 29th, I was diagnosed with Grade 1, Stage 2 ER+/PR+, Hers2-, Breast Cancer in my right breast. On April 11th, I had a right breast mastectomy to remove the cancer. At the same time a temporary implant was put in to do breast reconstruction. I have had the most amazing support, love, and help. I am so immensely grateful to my little circle of friends that knew. But now, I think everyone should know, not to feel bad for me, or to express sorrow (I am going to be just fine... I KNOW this!) but because I want EVERYONE to be informed. During this entire process my biggest concern has been awareness. Why didn't I know that there was a test to see if I carry the gene mutation which ups your risk for getting breast and ovarian cancer? Why aren't mammograms done sooner? Why didn't I know that if breast cancer runs in your family that you should be getting mammograms 10 years earlier than your family members' diagnosis? I wasn't informed, but I wasn't proactive either. So here it is, the article is written by Angelina Jolie and I think she is truly amazing. I am following her lead and being an example... LADIES, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLAY WITH YOUR BOOBIES!! (PS I found the lump myself.)

Well, five long months later, including 8 weeks of chemotherapy, and I am here to tell you Michele is doing awesome! She is now cancer free and on the road to recovery. She has been blessed with an incredible support system. Jason, my son-in-law has been simply terrific! I don't know how he has managed to keep doing his job while catering to Michele's every need. He arranged it so he was able to be home for Michele's treatments so he could help her through the side effects. As for her friends, well, they have been at her side every single step of the way. That's Michele with the red hat on:)

Just yesterday, they all dressed up in pink and threw Michele a surprise party to celebrate. (That young lady dressed in green is an exchange student from I believe the Philippines.) I'll be meeting her for the first time in May.

There was lots of homemade food...

And handcrafted presents...

Michele had planned on doing a guest post on this blog today to share with you what her life has been like for the past months. When I spoke with her this morning, she asked me if I could speak for her and let you all know how much she has appreciated your thoughts and prayers. She still needs to have reconstructive surgery in November and will be on medication for the next ten years but, the road is looking bright and she is thrilled! As are my grandchildren:)

Thank you all for your generous kind words and prayers. I can't tell you how much they have meant to me and my family. Louise:)