Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's National Brownie Day!

I'm so excited to be celebrating National Brownie Day with you today. Not only because I absolutely adore brownies, but also because I get to share some rather tasty brownie recipes from "days of yore." Many of these treasures are tucked inside miniature recipe booklets, of sorts:)

First up we have Van Houten's Cocoa Recipes: The World's Best published around 1915. Van Houten who, you might ask?

Measuring about 2.5"X5", this little recipe booklet is packed with cocoa recipes:)

Here's one for Van Houten's Nut Brownies.

Next up we have a Ghirardelli New Edition "Sweet Sixteen" Recipe Packet

In 1849, when Domingo Ghirardelli immigrated to the United States from Italy, he had dreams of striking it rich in the California Gold Rush. After trying his hand and failing at mining, he settled on opening a tent-store in nearby Stockton, CA, selling various supplies and confections to fellow miners. With his new business proving successful, Domingo decided to open a store and hotel in San Francisco. After a major fire in 1851 destroys his businesses, he begins to rebuild. In 1852, he formed a new confectionery company that is to become the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company. Ghirardelli's Heritage

Inside this 3"X 5" packet, I found "thee" recipe for Ghirardelli Chocolate Brownies! BTW, this recipe packet was printed in the 1950s.

For some, it just wouldn't be National Brownie Day without a recipe from "Chocolate Town" USA! Or, Chocolate Town Classics Made With Hershey's Baking Chocolate circa 1963.

What do you think of this recipe for Cinnamon Brownie Bars? I find it deliciously curious:)

This might just be the most festive brownie recipe we have tis the season:)

It's Brownie Alaska courtesy of Baker's Book of Chocolate Riches published in 1985.

It takes a few extra steps which looks to me like they just may be worth it!

Marion thanks you for all your kind words and prayers. She is feeling 100% better and wants to go food shopping again this week!!! Have a wonderful Brownie Day and thanks for sharing it with me. Louise:)