Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hershey's Syrup Recipes

Today's post is going to be what Marjie likes to call a "drive-by" post. Now don't you worry, it isn't going to take very long to tell you that on this day in 1894, the Hershey company was founded by none other than Milton Snavely Hershey. There, I said it!


You may remember that I am a devoted Hershey's fan especially when it comes to Hershey Kisses:) (yes if you click on the Chocolate Factory, you'll be taken away to the post, be sure and blow us a Kiss before you go:)

Now, my love affair with all things Hershey's did not begin since moving to "The Sweetest Place on Earth," in Hershey Pennsylvania. Although, I have been there once or twice, perhaps even three times. As a matter of fact, when my grandkids come to visit this Summer, chances are we'll be going again:) I actually live on the outskirts anyway:)

And as much as I love a good Black and White Sundae every now and again, that Sundae was not the cause. Blame it on the Syrup. When we were kids, Thursdays may just have been our favorite day of the week. It was the day my father got paid and we got ice cream! No, no, no, we didn't go to the nearest ice cream parlor, we indulged in our ice cream treats right in our kitchen at home. The ice cream was always Neapolitan; Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla and we didn't scoop, we sliced! We didn't really have a lot of money in those days and truth be told, we didn't always have a can of Hershey Syrup in the fridge. However, when we did, I poured it on! My sister didn't like it as much as I did. She still doesn't. It's probably a good thing my mother enjoyed it though or else I'm sure they wouldn't have just bought it for me:) We didn't afford ourselves individual pleasures in those days of yore, unless of course it was one of our birthdays or it was a special occasion.

These days, you won't find Neapolitan ice cream in our freezer, truth be told, I'm not too fond of vanilla or strawberry ice cream. However, you will definitely find a giant size squeeze bottle of Hershey Syrup, which I admit isn't really necessary since most times, I only use it in chocolate milk. I rarely, eat ice cream:) I have a sneaky feeling Marion must be using it every now and again because it sure seems to get replaced on a regular basis:) She LOVES all things chocolate! I won't even tell you about the huge bag of Hershey Kisses she just bought at the store yesterday, lol...If she is using it as compared to drinking it, I have a feeling this cake would be her go to recipe. Not only did she mail order the Hershey's Syrup recipe book, She's all about quick and easy too:)

If I were to indulge, my choice would have to be this Hershey Syrup Pie!

Happy Sunday everyone, Drive safely:) Louise