Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden Tuesday; In The Garden

Surprise! Again! Are you beginning to think that I don’t know my days of the week? I posted on Saturday rather than Sunday and today I’m posting on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. Get use to it! Not the Saturday posts. I just did that because of Easter. But, the Tuesday posts for Garden Tuesday are going to be my regular posting days for the time being:) Wordless Wednesday will be back, eventually. And, of course, there will be a few more surprise posts in between:)

I don’t know if I told you but my friend Katie moved to Missouri over the Winter. Boy, do I miss her. That’s Katie all the way in the back of the greenhouse. Up front we have Kathy. (I smushed out Kathy’s face because Amish people are a bit camera shy:) These pictures are from last Spring. We had wonderful days “playing” in the greenhouse but alas, this year no Katie. We have been writing letters back and forth though. And, I have plans to go visit Katie and her family in August.

In the mean time, I’m “winging” it on my own:) The last couple of days have been absolutely beautiful! Spring like:) However, the nights have still been quite cold, sometimes the temperatures are still falling below freezing. As anxious as I am to start some serious vegetable planting, I’m resisting. Thing is, I’m going to Idaho in May and was hoping to have some vegetables planted before I left. If the nights don’t start getting warmer, there just may be NO vegetable garden this year. If you remember, I planted peas a few weeks back. Wrong! What was I thinking when I put them outside? Those tiny little pea..lings shriveled and froze:( Normally, I would have ran them over to Katie’s and nestled them in the greenhouse. Oh well, since this is my first year at trying a vegetable garden in this house, I’m not going to worry myself. I’ll do what I can, which is a LOT and not fret about what I can’t do. Else, how will I ever get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Yes, I’ve been as busy as a Bee working in the flower garden. Today, I was actually joined by another hard working “individual.” A very happy Bee! Can you see him sipping from the Nanking Cherry? (Prunus tomentosa) Although I planted it for the birds, he is more than welcome to lunch:)

When I first went outside this morning, the primrose wasn’t quite ready to show her colors. (for some reason I thought she was yellow) However, by this afternoon she gave me a little peak. She’s pink! Now I remember, the center is yellow with a tinge of white, I think, lol…Gee, you would think I would remember. It was only two seasons ago after all:)

You must know by now, I am NOT one of those organized gardeners. Don’t get me wrong, I give much credit to those who coordinate their plantings. I take a more serendipitous approach. I just love garden surprises! Today I went through all the seeds and pods I’ve been saving. I cleaned them all up, tried to figure out which were seeds, which were leaves, put them all in a large bowl and scattered them about the garden. I just can’t wait to see what pops! I do that lots!

Do you like that illustration at the top of the page by Katharine Wireman? I found it while I was rummaging through one of the trunks in the shed the other day. I was actually looking for a special bag of beads I was saving to use to make new ropes for the hanging baskets. I’m finally going to landscape my work area in the back of the house. I figure it’s about time since it is the first place I see when I open my eyes in the morning. It also happens to be the new home of this year’s Robin’s nest. (not to worry, I will be taking pictures of this year’s nest as soon as Mr. & Mrs. Robin get more of a “foundation, lol:) In the meantime, here’s another illustration by Katharine Wireman. Isn’t is charming? I just may have some crooked rose bushes this year:)

Want to join Garden Tuesday? Just pop on over to Pam’s blog Sidewalk Shoes, to see just how easy it really is. I’ll be headed to Harry’s for breakfast as soon as I finish this post. When I come back, I’ll be hooking this up to Pam’s Garden Tuesdays AND I’ll be visiting all your delicious blogs. “See” you then!

Oh, One more thing before I go. Just in case you forgot, today is Earth Day! I just happen to find these “Earth’s Core Meatballs” in the book Incredibly Easy Silly Snacks. I thought they just might work to help celebrate the day. Enjoy, Louise:)