Monday, June 16, 2014

Garden Tuesday: My “New” Chairs

Hi Everyone! I know I said I was going to be posting on Wednesday and I will be but, I just couldn’t wait to show you my “new” early birthday presents!

You might remember, last year for my birthday my son took me to one of my favorite gambling places, lol…You might also remember I WON too! Well, this year he figured under my “condition” we had better hang out at home. So, that’s what we did. It was wonderful!

Now don’t worry, I didn’t actually do any work, which I don’t mind saying drove me absolutely crazy. I did get to supervise though:) First my son tended to the new vegetable garden he so kindly planted for me last week. Notice all that bluestone that’s in the garden. Before I left for Idaho, I had mentioned to Marion’s son that I was going to cover the garden with the pile of bluestone when I returned. (I was actually going to ask Bill to do it and pay him of course:) However, imagine my surprise when I returned and the stones were all in place! Last week my son came over and planted a bunch of tomatoes, a few eggplant, peppers and a whole row of brussels sprouts!

That one lonely garlic plant in the back was planted in the Fall by me. Marion’s son gingerly placed the bluestone around it. Wasn’t that nice of him? I think the garlic plant loved it too, just look!

I don’t recall ever having a garlic plant grow in such an “amorous” shape before, have you? I just LOVE it!

However, the real star of today’s post (the heart shaped garlic is a close second:) are my “new” chairs!

Not only did they turn out just as I had pictured, my son did the entire process from start to finish. Now, if you knew my son, you would know it was no easy task for him. As wonderful as he is, and pretty darn smart too, he is an absolute klutz when it comes to any kind of work that involves tools, lol…I mean he won’t even change the oil in his car!

You might recall what they looked like before. I know some of you like the "rustic" look. I did too but...

Just look how they pop!!!

It seems John did a bit of research online and learned about sanding, priming and spray painting. He asked a few of his friends for some tips and Wha La! They turned out just perfect! He even bought a Moon Flower and Hyacinth Bean Flower to put in each new pot!

As you can imagine, I can not wait to watch those vines grow, grow, grow!

Thank you so much for letting me share my excitement with you all. I am one lucky Mama!!! “See” you tomorrow around noon for the Picnic Game Kick-Off!

I’ll be linking this up to Pam’s Garden Tuesday in the morning. Won’t you come join us?