Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's Flag Day!

Today I would like to share a little booklet I found that is just perfect for Flag Day but, before I do, I need to clear up some confusion about the Picnic Game. Some of you have already begun to request letters for the Picnic Game. As you might expect, that makes me really, really, really happy. However, in all fairness to everyone who would like to join in on the Picnic Game fun, the official “choosing of the letters” does not begin until International Picnic Day which is always on June 18th.

I must apologize for the confusion, I suppose I was getting a bit zealous in anticipation of the day. On International Picnic Day, Wednesday, June 18th, I will be posting: How To Play the Picnic Game and The “Rules.” On that day the “Choosing of the Letters” also begins. If you would like a refresher on playing the Picnic Game before Wednesday or if you are new to the Picnic Game and are curious as to how it is played, take at look last years post. Scroll down to the bottom for the “fine print.”

The History of Our Flag

The History of Our Flag is a small booklet published by the Fanny Farmer Candy Shops in 1937. Although the company was named after the infamous cookbook author Fannie Farmer, (the spelling of the first name was altered to avoid confusion) Ms. Farmer had nothing to do with the candy company. The booklet doesn’t go into great detail about Old Glory’s history.

For example, it doesn’t mention the Father of Flag Day, Bernard J. Cigrand. Nor does it mention Waubeka, Wisconsin, which is recognized as “The Birthplace of Flag Day”. Here’s an excerpt from their National Flag Day Celebration website.

Dr. Bernard J. Cigrand, the founding father of Flag Day in the United States, was the son of Nicholas and Susan Cigrand, immigrants from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Bernard was born in Waubeka, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin on October 1, 1866.  As a youngster, he displayed an early interest in American history, a devout patriotism for the land of America, and a great love for the flag of his country…

Bernard held the first observance of Flag Day on June 14, 1885 at Stony Hill School where observers recall the small American flag that stood in a bottle on his schoolroom desk.  On that day, the graduating students turned in themes he had assigned them on the subject of the American Flag. That was the beginning of many years of Bernard’s fervent effort to bring about a national observance of Flag Day.


On the last page of the booklet there is a picture of “The Home of Betsy Ross.”

Although I have previously posted a rather in depth discussion on Betsy Ross and her place in Old Glory’s history, including recipes for Betsy Ross Pound Cake and Betsy Ross Cake, I’m almost embarrassed to admit I never really thought about the actual beginning of Flag Day and the person or people who were responsible for it. I can guarantee though by next Flag Day, I will know a lot more about Bernard Cigrand and the history of Flag Day!

I found this recipe for American Flag Cake in the current issue of All Recipes Magazine. It seems while I was in Idaho, Marion decided to renew her subscription, lol…

I also found an online video showing how to assemble the American Flag Cake. It’s actually easier than I thought it would be. (I wish I could have embedded it though:)

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and to all you Dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day! “See” you Wednesday! Louise


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