Sunday, June 8, 2014

When It Rains It Pours

Hi Everyone! I’m back!!! Although is was sheer delight to visit my daughter and her family in Idaho, I don’t mind saying, it sure is good to be home.

I’ve actually been home since the last week of May, but, I’ve had a few “mishaps” which have kept me from you:) You see gentle readers not only do I have a broken toe, I also managed to sprain my shoulder while “playing” with Marion, lol…We weren’t actually “playing” but I’m sure Marion would be quite embarrassed if I told you what really happened. Not to worry, we are both doing fine:)

I’ve been back and forth to the doctors a zillion times (or at least it feels like it) and although the recuperation time seems way too long, the prognosis is very good. I sit in front of my computer, arm in a sling, three sheets to the wind (almost) pecking at the keys ever so slowly to prepare this post. Life is good:)

I don’t plan on making this a long drawn out injury report so let’s just say, posts and comments may be brief for the next couple of weeks. (something I’ve been promising to do ever since…well, the inception of this blog. I guess now I won’t have much of a choice, lol…) What? No short hand in the computer world. (I know I’m dating myself here:)

We’ve had plenty of help too. Marion’s grand-daughter visited for a couple of days which was a huge help and my son John has been running me around town for tests and more tests, Whew! He’s also done a fantastic job “suggesting” we eat healthier. He even made us homemade yogurt this morning (under my strict supervision of course:) to use in the new NutriBullet he bought us. He and the NutiBullet have been indispensable! (one handing the bullet is sooooo easy:) I’m not one to take any kind of medication so adding beneficial healing herbs to the “smoothies” is sure to speed things up:)

As you can imagine, it has been driving me crazy not being able to work in the garden too. Thank goodness Bill, the young man who lives across the street, has been more than willing to keep things tidy in the yard. (he took the picture of the wild chamomile above and all the other images in this post) His Mom and Dad have been riding both their lawn mowers across the road to mow our lawn. People just never cease to amaze me! (I’ve promised to keep them all supplied with goodies as soon as I’m feeling better:) Bill’s addition to the garden is this lovely little orange strawflower which he planted himself. Isn’t it “purty?”

When I told Bill that June was National Rose Month, he insisted on taking a picture of the first Rose of the year in the garden. He then proceeded to cut it and put it in a vase for Marion. He’s such a sweet young man:)

I have been slowly trying to catch up on all your delicious blogs. I’ll be taking little bites for a while but don’t you worry, it won’t be long before I’ll be plopping down for an entire meal! Speaking of “plopping”, the Picnic Game is still on for this year! I’ll be refreshing everyone’s memory about the “rules” and such on Wednesday. I know it sounds early but, after all, International Picnic Day is June 18th. One can never plan too early for the Picnic Game. Can one?