Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Tuesday; It's a Jungle Out There!

I’ve been trying to coax Marion into taking a stroll in the garden with me but I haven’t been successful; yet:) For the past few years she has been able to simply look out her window and watch the pretty flowers as they grow. However, this year tomatoes and eggplant are now on her viewing screen and although she doesn’t have a bird’s eye view of Zinnias and Poppies, she is keeping a watchful eye on the tomatoes to make sure no “varmints” nibble them away.

My usual routine is to go out into the garden in the morning with coffee in hand and camera in my pocket. I’ve learned not to wear sandals on these morning jaunts because many times the morning dew is still present. Wet grassy toes are fine during a water hose fight, but not so much early in the morning.

My “inspection” includes making sure “everyone” has had enough to drink and that they are comfy and not being annoyed by any unwanted guests. (you might not be able to see it in the picture above but at the bottom is a screen which I had to place around the Gazania because “someone” apparently thinks it is planted there for their nibbling enjoyment.) Not!

I then look for any new growth and make a note in my head for any “guests” who might need their space cleaned up a bit. Fiesta Time here needs a few yellowing leaves pinched and a quick pickup of spent flowers.

My method doesn’t always work out the way it should. Those Balloon Flower buds in the back are just crying to be popped! (what? you’ve never popped a balloon flower, may I suggest you put it on your bucket list:)

My favorite thing about a morning stroll is discovering a new flower. As soon as it catches my eye, out comes the trusty camera and a clicking I will go. I stopped dead in my tracks when I spied these fragrant pink Stargazer Lilies this morning. I’ve been patiently waiting for days for them to open. I was thrilled when I saw them all opened at the same time:)

This “lipstick” bouquet of Peppermint Twist Phlox caught my eye as I was headed to the back of the garden. I just had to snap it!

And then a visitor:)

The back of the garden is buzzing with life in the morning. Everyone loves the orange Butterfly Weed. (Can you see the Gladiolus popping up?)

Especially the butterflies:)

I waited as long as I could to post for Garden Tuesday in hopes that the hummingbird would appear. As I made one more stroll out to the garden this evening, he made his appearance. In the Garage!

What a job I had persuading him to leave but finally after shutting all the lights and leaving all of the doors open, he eventually found his way out. I was too upset to go after him, Whew:) I guess I’ll have to settle for sharing this Hummingbird Moth. Simply amazing!!!

As for Marion and our stroll, her answer is in the title. ”It’s a jungle out there:)” Maybe when the tomatoes ripen Marion will venture out. In the mean time, I’m off to stroll Pam’s Garden Tuesday. “See” you there, Louise:)