Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Garden Tuesday; Very Late!

Where do the days go??? This is going to be a drive-by post…

As I eluded to the other day, I’m looking for a new “old” car. I went to an antique car auction the other day and bid on two cars. Unfortunately, I didn’t win either:(

This is the one I really, really, really wanted!!!

Although, I really liked this one too:)

Oh well, one day I will find the car I want at the price that I want to pay:) All was not lost though. On the way to the auction I just had to pull over to the side of the road to take a picture of these!

For just a moment, I thought I was in Kansas, lol…

Back on the home front, I harvested my one and only Garlic bulb. I will definitely be planting more Garlic. Not only do I adore Garlic, if you watch it grow, it puts on a rather delightful show with it’s twists and turns throughout the day. Remember this picture?


I haven’t shared any pictures of the front of the shed this year. I will, eventually:) Here’s a shot of the Statice. I just planted it this year and am pleasantly surprised at how well it’s doing. Remember what they say about perennials; the first year they sleep, the second they creep and the third year they leap! I can imagine what it will look like if it leaps! (the lady at the nursery assured me that these statice plants are perennials, I always thought they were annuals so I guess we’ll see:) If you have ever received a bouquet of flowers from a flower shop, chances are Statice was in it. It’s a statuesque everlasting papery flower that keeps its color indefinitely!

Anyone know what kind of bugs these are?

Perhaps the bestest surprise of the day!

Have a GREAT week everyone! ”See” you all on Sunday for Friendship Day!!!