Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Welcome to the Sixth Annual International Picnic Day Celebration in honor of National Picnic Month!

What can I say that I haven't said a "few" times before? Thank You! That's what! It's here, it's finally here! I don't know about you but I thought July would never get here. Now mind you, I'm not wishing the days or months away but hey, I'm hungry! I want to "see" you all, I want to "hop" from blanket to blanket and I want to invite everyone who drops by to join in on our Picnic Game fun! But never mind about what I want, this game is all about you and everyone who wants to "plop" down on a blanket, "stuff" their faces with delicious foods from around the globe, and make memories, albeit, virtual but none the less memorable:)

We’ve added 6 new friends to the Picnic Game guest list this year. Be sure and hop on over to their blankets and give them a big warm hug and lots of nibbles.

There were some of you who have been regular guests to the Picnic Game in the past, who just didn’t make it in time to choose a letter. I do hope you will enjoy this round-up and be sure and join us next year! If we have to “expand” the alphabet, we most certainly will!!!

Through the years many bloggers who “played” the picnic game in the past have either stopped blogging all together, or have moved on to explore that vast picnic blanket of the universe, the internet. And then, there are those of you who have endured the choosing of the letters from A-Z almost, if not, from the very first Picnic Game way back in 2009. Thank you Marjie & Janet:)

My very first Picnic Month celebration on this blog was in 2008. (I think I started blogging in late 2007:) Not very many of you saw that post. I plan on sharing excerpts from it through-out the month of July for National Picnic Month. The post featured one of my favorite picnic books entitled Picnics for Motorists authored by renowned English herbalist, Hilda Winifred Ivy. (aka Mrs C. F. Leyel) It was published in 1936 and I think you’ll get a “kick” out of its contents.

Picnic Game Round-Up 2014!

Ready for the Round-Up? I know I surely am! And what a round-up it is!

A-Angel Food Cake

Toted by Marjie

marjie really, really wanted the letter A. thank goodness for us she got it! marjie has been a picnic trooper since day one:)

B-Basil Leaves in Caramelized Prawns

Toted by Ivy

not only did ivy tote three letters this year, she also somehow managed to visit everyone’s blanket spreading praise and good cheer. if the picnic game guests were to select an ambassador, ivy would definitely be in the running.

C-Chicken Piccata

Toted by Mae

mae was so excited to join the picnic game this year and share this recipe, that she sent it while vacationing in hawaii!

D-Darned Easy Potato Salad

Toted by Channon

it’s always a delight to have channon join us at the picnic. she doesn’t usually share recipes. she’s more about fashion, chit chat and those adorable girls of hers.

E-Eccles Cakes Filled with Leeks, Spinach and Blue Cheese

Toted by Johanna

johanna brings such creativity to vegan food, i may just find myself “converting”

F-Fourth of July Picnic S'more Tartlets

Toted by Barbara

we’ll be celebrating independence day here in the states on friday, (i’m sure many will make a weekend out of it:) barbara is not one to skimp on the festivities!

G-Gluten-free & Eggless Chocolate Steamed Cake

Toted by Kristy

no matter where kristi is in the universe, she always makes sure to join us at the picnic game. she likes the letter g too. last year she brought Golden Pillow Hee Ban all the way from malaysia!

H-Ham Cheesy Patties

Toted by Joyce

another friend from Malaysia, joyce always comes up with clever yummies to pack for the picnic.

I-Italian Frittata with Vegetables

Toted by Alida

alida is new to the picnic game. can you guess what her speciality is? be sure and congratulate her. she recently came in first place in the michael caines uniformfoodies challenge!

J-Jelly Roll

Toted by Gaye

meet gaye, she describes herself as “an aussie lawyer who loves to cook.” you won’t get any arguments from me!

K-Kahlua Zucchini Chocolate Chunk Bread

Toted by Janet

the picnic game just wouldn’t be the same without kahlua. leave it to janet to double up on the chocolate:) the picnic wouldn’t be the same without janet either. she’s been playing since it began.

L-Lemon Lavender Cupcakes

Toted by Inger

once again, failure was not an option for inger. as many of you know, i’m partial to lavendar. i like to think inger “brought” these cupcakes just for me:)

M-Meringue Roulade with Raspberries

Toted by Gloria

ah, dear sweet gloria…i call gloria the queen of blueberries. i may just have to add raspberries too!

N-Nutella Rice Pudding

Toted by Edith

give a warm welcome to edith who “brought” her first dish from singapore!

O-Old-Time Favorite Iced Red Bean Popsicles

Toted by Ivy

a new one for many of us but, ivy is sure to turn her favorite into ours too:)


Toted by Pam

pam may be new to the picnic game, but she sure did nail it!

Q-Quinoa Blueberry Mango Salad

Toted by Kathy

kathy is always full of surprises. last year she brought ma’moul!

R-Raspberry & Fig Cobbler

Toted by Nee

nee has been experiencing internet service problems after a bad storm in her neck of the woods. she should be up and running by today but in case she isn’t, be sure and drop by for some cobbler:)

S-Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

Toted by Gloria

you see what i mean about gloria and her berry love. lucky us:)

T-Two-Ingredient Ice Cream Bread

Toted by Ivy

Ivy loves to surprise us!

U-Un-invited Smashed Potatoes

Toted by Me

my first time toting to the picnic game. hey, we couldn’t be minus a letter now could we:)

V-Vegan Mango Salsa

Toted by Elisabeth

it may be elisabeth’s first picnic game but she didn’t waste anytime diving right in!

W-Watermelon Salad

Toted by Geraldine

geraldine decided to join in for the first time too. i’m sure glad she did!

X-“Xmas Coconut Wreath Cake”

Toted by Dottie

not only is dottie also from long island, it is her first time joining the picnic game too. the letter x is never easy to tote. I think dottie has it covered this year:)

Y- Yellow Squash Crustless Quiche

Toted by Chaya

chaya is a toter from way back. she had a difficult year this year. i was pleasantly surprised when i heard she would be joining us.

Z-Zucchini Cake-Double Chocolate

Toted by Nellie

First timer Nellie was apprehensive about being ready in time for the picnic. looks like she made it big time!

I hope you all have enjoyed "playing" the Picnic Game as much as I have. I know I've said it before but really you "guys," you're GREAT! As I hopped around from "blanket" to "blanket," I noticed this year many of you wishing that we could have a "real" picnic some place right smack in the middle of the world. As wonderful as that would be, and believe me, nothing in the blog world could bring me more joy, you just never know:) I bet you thought I was going to say it could never happen:)

Everything looked deliciously beyond my imagination. The conversations were bright and cheerful and each and every one of you shared in the excitement. For those of you who are visiting the round-up for the first time, nibble, nibble everywhere and then come back next year and join in on the fun!!! Thank you all for "playing" I am humbled by your sweet words and kind gestures, Louise