Sunday, October 26, 2014

Mumbling Sunday

It’s been CRA…A…Azieeeeee (crazy) around here. First off, Marion had another visit to the hospital. Nothing serious, they did a few tests and thought it best to keep her overnight for observation. She is now home, fine and back to her “old” self.

When I saw this hollyhock with fresh buds the other day I just had to bring it in to see if it would open. It did, three times!

I’m not upset with the hospital. How were they suppose to know the roofing guys were coming for the weekend and I still had last minute chores to attend to. Like picking up the rest of the roofing material, waiting for the dumpster and porta-potty to arrive and getting the gardens ready for flying debri. (What I should have done was had my crew come up from New York and help me with this roofing stuff! Well, at least it will be guaranteed for 30 years, ahem:)

This Oriental Poppy is trying to bloom again too. I brought it in. We’ll see what happens:)

I have a feeling it won’t look like this one did on May 30, of this year:)

They started the roof today (Saturday) and so far so good. (with the exception of the brussels sprouts which are now covered with tar paper) Thank goodness the weather is holding up which is actually the reason why they are doing it over the weekend and will probably still be here until Monday. I suppose I should keep repeating Marjie’s words to myself and be thankful I don’t have a slate roof, lol…I can’t even imagine how much that would cost! Personally, I’m more concerned with them doing it properly. It wasn’t leaking before and it better NOT be leaking after! I hemmed and hawed about getting a metal roof and decided against it. I’m happy with my decision:)

And, this is just the beginning! Chances are I won’t be posting on Wednesday. Marion has a few follow up visits this week and I have lots of business “stuff” going on down in New York. I have suddenly learned how to Facetime, Skype and hold conference calls all in a matter of what seems and feels like days! However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After three would be buyers for the business fell through, I do believe it is finally sold! Fingers AND toes crossed!!!

So, let’s get down and dirty with the Little Monsters Cookbook.

It isn’t one of my favorite books but then I didn’t buy it either. Marion, sweet little thing that she is, bought it for Noah. The only thing is, when the kids were here over the Summer, she couldn’t remember where she stashed it. Don’t get me wrong, there isn’t a thing wrong with that woman’s memory! The problem is, if you can call it a problem, she has a room full of goodies for kids of all ages. If I didn’t know better, I would think she was Mrs. Claus!

We found the book the other day when I was rearranging her collection of yarns for Winter crocheting. We had to break the skeins down to seasonal colors because she just has waaaay too many. Now we’re into shades of reds, oranges, greens, winter whites, browns, yellows and blues. I kid you not:)

For me, the major flaw in this book is in the recipe I am going to share with you called Coffin Crunchers.

I actually like the way the author introduces the book in The Deliciously Gruesome Guide to Monster Meals at the beginning. ”Just remember as you plan your monster menu to make sure you add foods that are tasty and good for you too” he writes. There are also reminders about being safe in the kitchen such as, ”Your blood is a very precious thing. Just ask Dracula. To preserve all of that great red stuff it is important to follow safety rules while in the kitchen.” He then lists about 10. There is also a section titled Mix it, Cook it, Chomp it explaining the basic principles of tools and measurements in the kitchen. All in all, a pretty good introduction for ages 6 and up.

So what are the problems?

You tell me:)
8:50 p.m. The roofers were a no show today (Sunday) It's gonna be a looooooong week...Have a Fun and Safe Halloween everyone, Louise:)