Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cookbook Wednesday; Happy Thanksgiving!

On todays’ Cookbook Wednesday menu we have a Thanksgiving book published by the folks at William-Sonoma.

William Sonoma Thanksgiving Cookbook

This book is a new addition to my library. A gift from Marion to me and to you dear readers:) The funny thing is, I don’t know exactly when she bought it but I do know I was with her when she did. What you say? Well, she bought it this past Summer at one of many many yard sales we visited on oh so many Fridays. She must have hidden it in one of her funny looking shopping bags, and boy does she have some tattered and torn bags she won’t give up! As you can see, the book is in excellent condition and I am grateful to her for not only thinking of me but of you “guys” too.

William Sonoma Thanksgiving Cookbook

”Take a picture of this book for that TV screen you’re always looking at” she bantered the other evening. I was totally caught off guard. “TV screen” I asked. “What TV screen?” She pointed at my desk and the ever changing screensaver of this Summer’s garden, “that one” she pointed. Of course I knew she wanted me to scan it and post it. She is not oblivious to my posting activities. As a matter of fact, she is quite mindful of not only my blogging activities but many of yours too. I just don’t tell you but believe me, Marion has visited many of your blogs at least once! She IS quite a woman!!! She even chose today’s recipe for Green Bean, Carmelized Onion and Blue Cheese Salad.

At any given time, you will find at least 10 bags of frozen green beans in one of the freezers around here. I don’t like green beans, especially the frozen kind. I will barely eat a green bean casserole, barely. This past harvest season however, Marion gently convinced me to buy fresh green beans. I have a feeling it was because she saw this recipe and knew she would one day coerce me into preparing it. It worked! I picked fresh thyme from the garden today and bought the other ingredients I needed to make this dish for Thanksgiving this year. (I had planned on picking the thyme on Thursday, which by the way is still thriving quite nicely, but we are expecting a snow storm in our neck of the woods so I thought it best to pick it sooner rather than later) And yes, I managed to find fairly decent fresh green beans also:)

Marion also contributed her Thanksgiving Cactus for today’s post. Isn’t it pretty:)

We all may not celebrate a day of thanks on the same day or in the same way but, we all have much to be thankful for each and every day. Stay safe and hug one another:) Louise and Marion:)

Cookbook Wednesday is open to anyone who would like share. Have FUN!
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