Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cookbook Wednesday | Christmas Recipes

Christmas Recipes die-cut
Well, here we are Christmas Eve and I still have some last minute recipes to share for Cookbook Wednesday. These recipes come from a festive die-cut booklet titled Christmas Recipes. Unfortunately, this gem of a booklet distributed by the folks at the Maple Leaf Milling Company for Monarch Flour, is not dated. The Canadian company has been in business more than 100 years. According to an article published for the 100th anniversary of the company, In the early 1900s, Maple Leaf Mills was the largest flour mill in the British Empire. It doesn’t appear they still produce Monarch Flour, however.
Monarch Cake Flour
There aren’t any colorful images in this booklet. As a matter of fact, there aren’t any images at all. I did manage to cull a few recipes that I thought were interesting though. The first rather odd recipe is for Mock Duck with Barbecue Sauce. Mock recipes were popular during the 1930s which makes me think this book is from that era. But, don’t quote me on it:)
Mock Duck Barbecue Sauce
Next up we have Cranberry Shortcake. This is a first for me. I’ve never heard of Cranberry Shortcake before. After a quick search, I did find a recipe for Warm Cranberry Shortcakes. I thought this was an interesting recipe because of the amount of baking powder. Rarely have I seen a biscuit recipe that calls for 4 teaspoons of baking powder. I’m sure they’re out there but biscuits are not my forte so I could be wrong:)
Cranberry Shortcake
And finally, Caramel Sauce. Yes, I know, Caramel Sauce oh why? Certainly not for the shortcake, lol…Actually, I thought this Caramel Sauce recipe was interesting because it seems the sweetened condensed milk is apparently caramelized before the actually Caramel Sauce. Again, I’m no pro when it comes to caramel sauce. I rarely use sweetened condensed milk when making caramel sauce. I usually use heavy cream but, that’s me. Anyway, the tablespoon of vinegar is a new ingredient for this recipe also, for me that is. I have added this recipe to my “some day” list because it has piqued my curiosity.
Caramel Sauce
I know for sure some of you have seen the cover of this booklet before. It may not have looked exactly like above, it may have looked like this!!! (you didn’t see the recipes either:)
Well, the “votes” are in and it seems Cookbook Wednesday will continue for the month of January. To be perfectly honest, I’m thrilled. I think it might be fun to share more of our cookbooks for another month. Who knows, those of you who have been bogged down in the holiday season may be able to join us!!! If you need a refresher on how to link up, just follow this link. (It’s really easy with barely any rules:) So, mark your calendars, the next Cookbook Wednesday will be January 7th, 2015! If all goes well, after this post is up, I am going to try to add links from the previous Cookbook Wednesdays we've had. Keep your fingers crossed that it works. (If not, if you like, you should still be able to add previous Cookbook Wednesday links in this week linky:) I won't be blogging, per se, for the rest of the month of December. But, I will be visiting and monitoring this week's Cookbook Wednesday entries. I’ll be back January 1st to wish you all a Happy New Year!
Cookbook Wednesday Logo
Marion asked me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. She is feeling Tip Top! We had a wonderful time playing elves at the Woman’s Shelter the past week. I actually baked cookies and did a bit of shopping for the shelter while Marion dressed up a bunch of dolls and tinkered with some toys for the kids. It’s very important that families at the shelter remain anonymous so we had to make a few adjustments for it all to work out. Indeed it did!!! Merry Christmas Everyone!!!