Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bread, Soup and A Marion Update

This is going to be a “drive-by post.” I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for Marion. She thanks you too. She is now home and on the mend. We’ve been taking it real slow but she is actually back up and doing a bit of walking around. Believe me, that lady does not like to stay down or depend on anyone to help her around!

I’ve been filling her up with nourishing soups, Jell-O and puddings. I actually made rice pudding the other day but unfortunately, her belly isn’t ready for anything too heavy yet. She is craving sweets but for now we’re sticking to Jell-O and popsicles.

I had a wonderful surprise the other afternoon. My friend Katie, who moved to Missouri a while back sent me a present! You might remember Katie, usually around this time of year we would start planning for Spring in the greenhouse.(I do miss her:)

That's Katie all the way at the other end of the greenhouse. The lovely girl walking toward us is Cat. Katie said I could share this picture if I just gave Cat's face a little smudge:) The rest of the family hid behind me while I snapped this photo:)

Katie knows I am not much of a bread baker so, she sent me one of my favorites, which she baked just for me:) What a wonderful surprise!!! I don’t think it could have come at a better time. Email may be the present wave of the future, but, try sending a loaf of home made Jalapeño bread through email!!!

In order to rise to the occasion, I trudged right out to the garage and brought in a jar of Summer's preserved bounty. I’ve been saving this roasted combination of red peppers, garden tomatoes, garden garlic and garden rosemary for just the right moment. When I saw that bread, I just knew the first thing I wanted to do, make Roasted Tomato Soup with Jalapeño Bread croutons!!! (that's a few crumbles of Feta on top:)

Yes, indeed, it tasted as good as it looks (although my photo skills still need improvement) Too bad for Marion, she couldn’t have any. She doesn’t really like Jalapeños and we were afraid to let her try the soup yet because her belly may not be ready for the acidity in the tomatoes. Although, I must say, they were not acidic at all. As for the soup, it was amazing!!! I ate it for lunch AND dinner the next day! As for the bread, it too is gone. Yes, I’m sure I gained a few pounds while enjoying every last crumb but guess what, I don’t care!!! It was baked just for me with Katie keeping each ingredient in mind for my “diet.” Isn’t she special:)

You “guys” are really terrific too:) I’ve been reading Marion your comments when I think she needs a little boost and she really loves hearing them. Thank you again. I’ll be back on Wednesday for Cookbook Wednesday. I’m thinking of sharing the Sopranos Family Cookbook since the anniversary of the Sopranos arriving on TV was 16 years ago yesterday. We’ll see. What are you thinking of sharing? Louise:)

P.S. Wednesday is Dress Up Your Pet Day. Have I got a surprise for you!!! Yes, it begins with the letter I


  1. I'm so glad Marion is back home! Hope she continues to feel better.

    The bread and soup look amazing! You know I approve of the combo. ;-)

    1. So am I poppy. It was way to quiet around here without her, lol...Yes, I did realize that Poppy:)

  2. Im so happy Marion is better!! ah yes I know how is her lol
    Patience! Sometimes my mom is like Marion, she haqs 85 tomorrow:)
    and last friday I had to go with her because she wanted buy some things lol and yes with 36,8 celcius degree!
    Anyway we come back home save!
    A big hug for you dear Louise and to Marion of course!!!

    1. Happy Birthday to you Mom, Goria!!! 85 years young and still calling the shots, lol...Sending hugs your way Gloria:)

  3. Dear Louise,
    I am so glad to hear that you and Marion are doing well and Marion is recouping. Yes, I agree start off with light foods for her right now. She will be back to normal really soon. God Bless her, and my prayers are still with you both. The bread that your friend sent you, looks so good, I could smell it from here. I love tomato soup and this is a wonderful idea to make croutons. Looking forward to Wednesdays post..Thanks for the update on Marion! Have a wonderful and restful Sunday!
    Dottie :)

  4. Glad Marion is home and feeling better! And I'm sure she'll soon be eating a full diet. The soup (and bread!) looks terrific. And no, I didn't know Wednesday was Dress Up Your Pet Day! Kitty Riffs hid under the bed when she heard that. ;-)

  5. HI Louise, sorry to read about Marion not well. Wishing her speedy recover, take care my dear. With lots of love and hugs to you. God Bless.

    The bread from Katie look so good, very well baked. And your tomato soup with bread croutons look very appetizing too, wish I can have some now before I go to bed. LOL It's 1.30am in Malaysia.
    Be seeing you, have a lovely day.
    Warmest regards.

  6. I must have missed the post on Marion! I'm glad she is doing better! How wonderful to get a loaf of bread in the mail - and that was the perfect soup to go with it!

  7. Dear Louise, I browsed your earlier posts about Marion and I truly must say that I would LOVE to meet that woman!!! She must be a very strong and passionate person and at 90+ I think it would be marvelous to have her energy and sparkle. Please give my very best to her and tell her that I hope she soon feels better.

    My dear friend, I'm sure that your soup is absolutely delicious, it is so inviting!! I adore croutons...I put them in my soups and broths all the time, the crunch provides a wonderful contrast with the creamy texture. Take care and a big hug to you, Mary

  8. Tell Marion I'm with her in not loving Jalapenos; we'll share the nice, bland rice pudding! But what a wonderful surprise, getting that bread in the mail. I'm sure it brightened up what's been a cold, dreary week.

    Oh, Iggy! You're going to be the star of the week!

    xoxo Marjie

  9. Good evening ear Louise ,
    Thanks so very much for giving us an update on Marion , our prayers she continue to improve . Marion has a lot of will power and she may be wiggling those hips like the Genie in a couple of weeks (giggling).

    The Jalapeno bread looks delicious and made just for you now you know the taste is awesome . I do so love anything spicy and the soup brought everything together .
    It warms my heart to know Marion is up and around and as you know , nothing can keep a good woman down and that includes you too my friend . Thanks so much for sharing this update about Marion . Take care stay safe and warm ....NEE :)

  10. So glad to learn that Marion is recovering well, dear. I'm sure she'll need lots of booster food. What a lovely treat from Katie! Wish I've a baker neighbour since I can hardly bake. Hahaha! Have a great Sunday, Louise! xoxo

  11. I hope Marion is much better already! I can imagine this bread was a nice surprise, it looks lovely :)

  12. The good thing about being a bit behind is that sometimes spoilers are a godsend and it is lovely as I catch up to see that Marion is feeling better - hope her appetite and her strength are growing - if she is up and about that is a great sign. Warm wishes to both of you. And that jalapeno bread looks wonderful

  13. I hope her belly can settle really soon. Your puddings sound amazing.

  14. it would be so frustrating to me to have to eat jello and pudding to curb my sweets cravings--my heart goes out to marion!

  15. Glad to hear Marion is doing better. Will keep praying that she makes a full and quick recovery. The bread looks delicious:) What a nice comforting and tasty surprise.

  16. I am glad Marion if feeling better! The bread has me drooling.

  17. I'm all over this. S glad Marion is at home, too. Can't wait to read Wednesday's post!

  18. I don't like tomato soup but with all those crunchy croutons floating and dancing on top, I could seriously drown my head in a bucket of it. I think technology needs to get moving and invent itself a way for one to reach into their screens and sample whatever culinary delight is in front of them. Screw email, we need this! Just imagine how much jalapeno bread you could devour! Mmmmm.

    BTW great to hear Marion is home! Will continue to pray for her. Hope you've also been doing well yourself,

  19. Wow, I miss quite a bit when I am
    Out of the blogosphere! The soup would be welcome on anyone's table any time.
    Love the photo of Katie and Cat, what a green house!!! I could use some gardening advice from those ladies, that's for sure.
    Please give Marion my best and I certainly hope she improves daily. Just rest and let yourself feel better!

  20. I am pleased for Marion and you are doing such a great job in making her all that lovely food!
    I love the look of that bread, I have never tried it before but it looks fab!
    Have a good rest of the week x

  21. As I mentioned, happy to hear that Marion is doing better. The bread and soup meal looks so warming! Since some of us are bread bakers (and some of us even canned jalepenos last summer!) you should see if your friend will share her recipe.

  22. Dear Louise, I am so happy to hear that Marion is on the mend and getting better. What a wonderful present of the homemade jalapeño bread and the soup is a perfect partner. Soup really is a good meal full of vitamins to keep you strong and healthy. I am glad you enjoyed it Louise.
    Please tell Marion that she is in my prayers to get strong and all better. You are in my prayers as well Louise to keep well and strong.
    xoxo Catherine

  23. hi louise, i hope marion is recovering very well and eating well too with all the nutritious meals that you prepare for her.aww.. and katie, how sweet of her and i think roasted tomato soup pairs really well with the bread. Louise, you are so blessed having all these lovely friends around you!


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