Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bread, Soup and A Marion Update

This is going to be a “drive-by post.” I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for Marion. She thanks you too. She is now home and on the mend. We’ve been taking it real slow but she is actually back up and doing a bit of walking around. Believe me, that lady does not like to stay down or depend on anyone to help her around!

I’ve been filling her up with nourishing soups, Jell-O and puddings. I actually made rice pudding the other day but unfortunately, her belly isn’t ready for anything too heavy yet. She is craving sweets but for now we’re sticking to Jell-O and popsicles.

I had a wonderful surprise the other afternoon. My friend Katie, who moved to Missouri a while back sent me a present! You might remember Katie, usually around this time of year we would start planning for Spring in the greenhouse.(I do miss her:)

That's Katie all the way at the other end of the greenhouse. The lovely girl walking toward us is Cat. Katie said I could share this picture if I just gave Cat's face a little smudge:) The rest of the family hid behind me while I snapped this photo:)

Katie knows I am not much of a bread baker so, she sent me one of my favorites, which she baked just for me:) What a wonderful surprise!!! I don’t think it could have come at a better time. Email may be the present wave of the future, but, try sending a loaf of home made Jalapeño bread through email!!!

In order to rise to the occasion, I trudged right out to the garage and brought in a jar of Summer's preserved bounty. I’ve been saving this roasted combination of red peppers, garden tomatoes, garden garlic and garden rosemary for just the right moment. When I saw that bread, I just knew the first thing I wanted to do, make Roasted Tomato Soup with Jalapeño Bread croutons!!! (that's a few crumbles of Feta on top:)

Yes, indeed, it tasted as good as it looks (although my photo skills still need improvement) Too bad for Marion, she couldn’t have any. She doesn’t really like Jalapeños and we were afraid to let her try the soup yet because her belly may not be ready for the acidity in the tomatoes. Although, I must say, they were not acidic at all. As for the soup, it was amazing!!! I ate it for lunch AND dinner the next day! As for the bread, it too is gone. Yes, I’m sure I gained a few pounds while enjoying every last crumb but guess what, I don’t care!!! It was baked just for me with Katie keeping each ingredient in mind for my “diet.” Isn’t she special:)

You “guys” are really terrific too:) I’ve been reading Marion your comments when I think she needs a little boost and she really loves hearing them. Thank you again. I’ll be back on Wednesday for Cookbook Wednesday. I’m thinking of sharing the Sopranos Family Cookbook since the anniversary of the Sopranos arriving on TV was 16 years ago yesterday. We’ll see. What are you thinking of sharing? Louise:)

P.S. Wednesday is Dress Up Your Pet Day. Have I got a surprise for you!!! Yes, it begins with the letter I