Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday | Edwardian Sagas and Recipes

If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, chances are you’ve happened across the Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook.

If you haven’t, you have now! I don’t happen to be a fan of Downton Abbey but that’s not because Edwardian sagas don’t appeal to me, it’s simply because I’m not a huge TV buff in general. I am, however, a fan of cookbooks, which is the reason why I added The Unofficial Downton Abbey Cookbook to my collection a few years ago. (that link is a British review of the book) It seemed the right thing to do considering I also have an abbreviated version of Mrs. Bridges’ Upstairs Downstairs Cookery Book officially titled Twelve Treasured Recipes from Mrs. Bridges’ Upstairs Downstairs Cookery Book published by Simon and Schuster in the Spring of 1975 and distributed by Mobile [Exxon].

Upstairs Downstairs Cookbook

You might not be as familiar with “Upstairs Downstairs”

When Downton Abbey first appeared on British television screens on 26 September 2010 and American TV screens on 9 January 2011 many critics immediately compared it to that popular upstairs downstairs drama that preceded it, Upstairs Downstairs. Mark Lawson writing in the Guardian noted that Downton looked to him like a contemporary descendent of Upstairs Downstairs. David Breaker writing in the Spectator argued that Downton Abbey "stole" not only from Upstairs Downstairs but also from Mrs. Miniver… Mary McNamara writing in the Los Angeles Times described Downton Abbey as "this generations Upstairs Downstairs in both theme and stature”. Rob Owen writing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote that Downton recalls Upstairs Downstairs… ('Downton Abbey' Vs. 'Upstairs Downstairs’)

Since this is Cookbook Wednesday after all, I think I’ll get straight to the recipes. First up, January is National Soup Month so, let’s explore the curious tale of Brown Windsor Soup first with a recipe from the Downton Abbey book for Regal Brown Windsor Soup. You can find another recipe for Brown Windsor Soup here also.

Regal Brown Windsor Soup

Next up we have Crêpes Française also from the Downton Abbey cookbook. You’ll notice in the Times Gone by section that Candlemas, February 2nd, is celebrated with crêpes; Crêpe Day actually. (yes, there will be a reminder on next month’s calendar:)

Crepes Francaise

I’ve also chosen two recipes from the Upstairs Downstairs recipe booklet; Baked Stuffed Pike and Lamb Cutlets King Charles.

Baked Stuffed PikeLamb Cutlets King Charles

Things have been a bit crazy around here since New Year’s Eve. Marion has been in the hospital since we started the new year and I’ve been trying to get up to see her as often as I can. Actually, she was able to come home during the day on Saturday I believe. (the days have become pretty much a blur) but had to be rushed back after only a few hours of being home. Her grandson and his family came up on New Year’s Day and left on Sunday. I just came back from the hospital a couple of hours ago and they told me she may be able to come home on Thursday. (fingers crossed, I’m writing this on Tuesday evening) I’ll be going back up to the hospital tomorrow (Wednesday) and will know more by then. In the mean time, fingers crossed:)

I’ll be trying to visit your delicious blogs as time allows. A post for Sunday, January 11th, is on the agenda but we’ll have to see how things go. And yes, there will be another Cookbook Wednesday next week and the rest of the month of January. I do hope you will find the time to join us.

Cookbook Wednesday Logo

Thank you all again for your concern and prayers. Marion is one feisty lady. I’m sure she’ll be back to her ol’ self soon:) Louise

Whoops, I almost forgot! For the time being, I have created a separate page for the January clickable calendar I shared with you the other day. I'm not sure I'm going to keep it there. I may just add it on the bottom of this page. But, as I said, for now, it's on its own page and you can reach it by clicking on the left side where it says Food Celebrations Calendar right under my link to Pinterest.