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Cookbook Wednesday | Recipes from Nittany Valley

Recipes from Nittany Valley | 1950
This March I will be celebrating my sixth year of owning a house in Pennsylvania. For those of you who are new to this blog, you missed a few years of me driving back and forth from New York to Pennsylvania before I was finally able to call Nittany Valley, Pennsylvania my new home.
Nittany Valley PA
The word Nittany [Nit-A-Nee] in the Native American Algonquian language means single mountain. Basically Nittany Valley is bordered by two mountains, Bald Eagle Mountain and Mount Nittany, which also borders Penns Valley. Nittany Valley is a mixture of farmland; mostly dairy farms, woods and a number of working and abandoned lime quarries.
Nittany Valley PA
If you’re a college football fan, chances are you have heard of State College, Pennsylvania home of the Nittany Lions. Penn. State University lies at the southern end of the Nittany and Penn's Valleys. That area is sometimes referred to as "Happy Valley". The cookbook I am going to share with you today is titled Recipes from Nittany Valley compiled by the Women’s Society of Christian Service at the Lamar Methodist Church. It is a first edition published in 1950. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar enough with the neighborhood to know whether this church is still standing. There is, however, a Methodist church down the road from me in Lamar, but it looks too new considering the church referred to in the book was built in 1852. Actually, the book does offer a brief history of Lamar but I still haven’t explored the notes in depth enough to feel comfortable sharing them with you…
The first recipe I’ve chosen to share is Chocolate Fudge Cake. I thought it was interesting because not only does it include a leavening ingredient you don’t see in many recipes anymore, Cream of Tartar, but also 3/4 cup of boiling water! I don’t see that often either. Although, as you know, I’m not much of a baker:) I’m guessing but, because this recipe includes Cream of Tartar, it has probably been around a while since prepackaged baking powder wasn’t available until the 1860s. But, don’t quote me on this. Baking is most definitely not my forte:)
Chocolate Fudge Cake 1950
I’ve read many a cookbook in my time and never, ever have I seen a recipe called Dagmore Cake! It must be unusual, a google search didn’t bring up one recipe. That’s right, not one!!! Introducing…Dagmore Cake!
Dagmore Cake | 1950
I got such a kick out of this recipe, I just had to share:) Wouldn’t a rendition be just perfect for April Fool’s Day, lol…
Turkey Dinner | A fun recipe from 1950
I can’t even imagine what these Jersey Cherries would taste like. Can you?
Hersey Cherries Recipe | 1950
And, for the Finale,
But wait…I have found many treasures tucked inside cookbooks through the years. Once or twice I even found a few dollars:) Nothing to run to the bank with but who knows it may have been those saved dollars that were meant for a loaf of bread or a sweet for the kiddies:) This book had its cherished memory too. I’d like to share it with you.
White Layer Cake
You just can't put a price on such a treasure can you:) Next week will be the last Cookbook Wednesday for a while. My plan is to post a sort of round-up of all the cookbooks that I have shared since I believe it was October and those you have shared for Cookbook Wednesday. It will also be a time where you can link any cookbook you have ever shared on your blog. The only thing I ask is that the post includes a picture of the book, a review, a recipe or all three!!! It doesn't matter when you posted it as long as those things are included. If you can squeeze the logo in, that's fine. If not, not to worry:) "See" you Sunday, Louise:) T.W. if you're reading this, Happy Birthday!!! Marion Update: Marion is doing fantabulous! She says thank you for all your prayers and she's getting all geared up for garage sale..ing:)
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