Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cookbook Wednesday | Sopranos Family Cookbook

Remember the other day when I told you I wasn’t much of a TV fan? Well, the key word in that statement is “much.” You see, when the Sopranos were on HBO, I rarely, if ever, missed it. There I said it!

Sopranos Family Cookbook
I hope you won’t be too disappointed but I’ve chosen some dialogue from The Sopranos Family Cookbook to share with you this Cookbook Wednesday. Don’t get me wrong, the recipes chosen by none other than Artie Bucco aren’t to be ignored…
This Italian-American cookbook does not come from some loudmouth TV chef trying to get rich off of “Risotto al Funghi” or brainy “student” of Italian cooking who learned it all in a weekend at a high priced gastronomium in California. This book of meals comes from real life, la vita reale. The recipes are real, the people who cook them do so in real kitchens, for real families, and many get real fat! The cuochi, or chefs, are my friends, or in some cases, em, and they are all non-pros, except, of course me. We live in northern New Jersey, the true “garden” of the Garden State, and although we come from many walkways of life and have our own private victories, defeats, and tie games, we share a common passione for the food our forefathers and mothers brought with them from “the old country.” This cookbook is our humble attempt to pass this culinary blessing on to you, the reader.
However, it’s the colorful language of The Soprano Family Cookbook that to me, really brings forth the flavor of the characters, recipes and the program. First up, “rules for sanitary cooking and eating” courtesy of Paulie.
How rude of me. Here I am taking for granted that everyone in the blogosphere has been properly introduced to The Family Hour: An Oral History of The Sopranos. Shame, shame on me.
Cooking and Cleanliness | Sopranos Family Cookbook
I’ve been asked this question many times during the course of my life. Really, I have:)
Why Do They Call It Gravy | Sopranos Family Cookbook
Christopher was not one of my favorite characters on the show, I didn’t really have a favorite. You might agree after you see his favorite choices for Mob Movie Food Scenes.
Chris Moltisanti's Favorite Mob Movie Food Scenes | Sopranos Family Cookbook
If I had to pick, it would probably be Bobby.
Sopranos Family Cookbook
Surprise!!! I just couldn’t leave you with nothing to salivate over, now could I? After all, it just wouldn’t be Italian of me:) There are two reason why I’ve chosen this Mille Foglie recipe to share with you today. One reason is because lately I have been seeing so many recipes for Napoleons being shared by those participating in this month’s Bake Along event themed Mille Feuille hosted by Lena, Joyce and Zoe, I just couldn’t stand it anymore.
Mille Foglie | Sopranos Family Cookbook
The second reason is because Cookbook Wednesday is the perfect time to participate in Cook Your Books an event hosted by Joyce at Kitchen Flavours.
cyb12 photo 77951578-1914-4b72-8eda-9e40a91183ac_zps331eb4b4.jpg
Why aren’t I Joining the Bake Along also you might be wondering? Well, although I did whip up the pastry cream for the Napoleons, when I went out to the freezer in the garage to retrieve the pastry sheets, I was plum out! Yes siree, it seems I didn’t restock after the holidays. So, for today we only have the pastry cream for the Mille Foglie but let me tell you, it came out as the best pastry cream I have ever made!!! I took a tiny taste and it is dee..li..cious!!!
Pastry Cream | Sopranos Family Cookbook Recipe
Pastry Cream | Sopranos Family Cookbook Recipe
I’ll be running to the grocery store today to pick me up some puff pastry and when I’m done, I’ll be having me some Napoleons just like this one I “borrowed” from wikipedia!
Now, now, don’t you worry, I won’t actually be eating them. As a matter of fact, Marion won’t be devouring them either. Although, I am going to save her a smidgen of pastry cream and bake her up some tiny cream puffs:) The way I figure it, I should get three healthy Napoleons from the puff pastry. When I do, I’m going to send them on over to my neighbors across the street, Bill and his family. They have been so terrific helping me keep the driveway clear God forbid I have to get out in a hurry and always checking on us to see if there is anything we need. I know for a fact they have never, ever had Napoleons, I think they will enjoy them immensely!!! (Don’t worry, I’ll take a picture to share with you “guys” too:)

As I mentioned the other day, today is also Dress Up Your Pet Day. Since I “babysat” for Iggy a couple of days this week, I thought I would show you his Winter dress up gear. Yes indeed, it’s a Penn State Doggie Sweater, lol…I “threw” this collage together to show you our walk outside. That other “dog” is a garden ornament. I just thought Iggy looked so cute giving her the look:)
Dress Your Pet Day | Iggy
While we were out there, I thought I would show you how big the Pizza Hut plant has gotten. For those of you who know this Dogwood to be a Red Twig, you are absolutely right. I call it a Pizza Hut plant because I stole a tiny clipping from a Red Twig Dogwood from the Pizza Hut in Bellefonte a few years back and rooted it. You can read about my plant stealing shenanigans here if you like:) I’ve since grown about 10 more plants. Some I have here in the yard and others I have given away. I love the red twigs against the white snow, don’t you?
I’m sending this one over to Pam’s for Garden Tuesday:)
That about wraps it up for this week’s Cookbook Wednesday. There’s a chance that I might not be posting again until next week’s Cookbook Wednesday. Marion is expecting visitors this weekend and as it sounds right now, they are definitely coming. I really hope they do because she is having a difficult time keeping her spirits up. I’m thinking this weather isn’t helping. Tomorrow it will be only a week she is home so I keep reminding her about how fabulous she is doing. Today she actually walked all the way out to the kitchen looking for candy, lol… I won’t be doing Cookbook Wednesday in the month of February so if you have plans on joining in, there are only two more weeks left after this week. Dig out those books and share your favorites! Louise:)
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