Sunday, February 15, 2015

Calling All Meat-A-Balls!!!

Hi All! Hope you had a fantabulous Valentine’s Day weekend. We spent a quiet weekend just doing some catching up on things. I even got a chance to work on March’s clickable calendar:) Which brings me to today’s post.

As I was preparing the calendar for March, it occurred to me that one of the reasons why I yearned to create a clickable food calendar was so I could include you and your delicious creations. So, I came up with an idea. I thought if I could have you send me some of the links that I need to complete the calendar, I could group them all together in one big post and link it to the calendar. How does that sound?

Here, let me give you an example. As you might have guessed, there are a lot of yummy days to celebrate in the month of March. You’ve probably seen one of the many lists I have compiled through the years. Not only are there daily celebrations. There are monthly celebrations too. Think Frozen Food Month for instance. Oh wait, don’t think that, we’ve had quite enough freezing thank you very much:) Anyway, you get my drift.

I’d like to focus on one particular day. A day I know many of you have already done posts for even if they weren’t for ”thee” day itself. You probably have some idea by now. I mean after all, did you see the title of this post??? That’s right, meatballs!

I know I’ve seen piles of meatballs recipes on your blogs the past years. Why not group some of them together in one big meatball collage and share the feast! Now it doesn’t matter if those meatballs are in soups, in heroes or on top of spaghetti all covered with cheese. It doesn’t even matter if they aren’t fresh. You could have posted the most scrumptious meatball recipe three years ago, and that would be just fine. Those meatballs or that meatball dish (think sweet and sour meatballs, meatball soup) can be any nationality from any where in the world. They don’t even have to be called meatballs per se. They can be called Frikadeller or meatball by any other language. My plan is to mound them all together in one big collage and link it up to the March calendar for National Meat Ball Day on Monday March 9th!

That’s right. There’s actually a Meatball Day and it is celebrated on March 9th. All you guys need to do is send your meatball link to me acalenda {at} gmail {dot} com. Please put meatball in the subject line and have your links in by February 25th. I know it isn’t much notice but it isn’t like you have to do a post. (of course you can if you like:) Just dig through those previous posts of yours, choose your favorite meatball post and send it on over!!! I will then add it to the above meatball graph with clickable links to your post. Yep, that's right, your very own image map! Now, How cool is that???

Wait, there’s more. How would you like your Meat-A-Balls to be featured right smack in the middle of that meatball graph up there? Easy peasy as Marjie likes to say:) Just be the 15th meatball recipe to come rolling into my email and your meatballs will be darning center stage. So, make sure you send in the largest picture you can. You never know, your Meat-A-Balls could be number fifteen! Did you count the squares up there? If you haven’t, there are 25 including the middle. So, that’s another thing to keep in mind. We only have room for 25 of your favorite meatballs. You may send as many meat-a-ball links as you wish. Choose quickly though:) Any questions? Leave them in the comment section and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Now for the recipe for Meatballs in Tomato Stroganoff. Hey, it’s from 1984, what did you expect, lol…

Are you ready for this “novelty”?

When I stumbled across this in the My Great Recipes recipe file, I thought I was seeing things. I know it isn’t meatball related. I mean really Cauliflower Center Meatloaf??? Here’s the recipe:

Well, that’s it for today “kids.” Go dig out those meatball recipes and send them on over. Oh wait, if for some reason I’ve been seeing things and there hasn’t been mounds of meatballs posted on your blogs, not to worry, I’ll just wing it for Meatball Day and we’ll try again another time. No worries:) Louise:)