Monday, March 9, 2015

Come and Get Your Meat-A-Balls! It's Meatball Day!

Yippee! It's finally here, Meatball Day has arrived!!! Don't each and every one of these meatballs look absolutely scrumptious??? I must say, it sure was a blast serving all of these meatballs on an image map clickable "platter." That's right folks, find your favorite meatball, good luck trying to pick just one, and click away. (I tried to center the clickable area but sometimes I'm a bit off:) Be sure and come back for a couple of helpings. One can never have enough meatballs you know. It would be ever so kind of you to leave a comment when you visit and thank the cooks who offered up their meatballs for us to devour, albeit, virtually of course:)

Surprise! I too made meatballs for Meatball Day! These Meatball Subs on a Stick have been hanging out on my Somthing On A Stick Pinterest board for about two months now. (Somthing On a Stick Day is March 28th:) I can't believe I finally got around to actually making them. Easy Peasy and oh so yummy. The inspiration for them came from here. You don't really need a recipe. I used my favorite turkey meatball recipe, which always includes a bit of applesauce by the way, and rolled them up smaller than usual. I was a bit nervous that they wouldn't cook in the 20 minutes it would take to bake the refrigerator bread sticks but they did. I served Marion hers with a plate of ravioli and some dipping marinara sauce. She told me she felt like she was at a "fancy" restaurant. Yes, she enjoyed them requesting the leftovers tonight for dinner:) As for me, I had mine served over a brown rice quinoa mix I bought at Trader Joe's with my very best favorite Trader Joe's Pepper Jelly as a dipping sauce. I actually smothered the jelly over everything. I LOVE the stuff!!! Oh, I did add a bit of Welch's grape jelly to the Pepper Jelly as an experiment, oh gosh, did it work much to my liking:) (I heated them together in the microwave until dippy:) My Meatball Subs aren't very cheesy as you can see. I'm not eating much cheese these days unless for very special ocassions or very special cheeses. I did make one cheesy one for Marion as you can see in the picture. Next time I'll make her a few more. She would really like melted mozzarella over the top.

One more thing before you go. Look at the ribbon my grandson Noah and his partner won at the Invent Idaho State Finals! Unfortunately, Noah's partner wasn't able to make the awards ceremony. The live presentation awards were on YouTube but in all the commotion, Michele didn't get to tell me in time. They might be on again. Anyway, Noah and his partner won third place in the Games and Gadgets category for their game called Fitness Hero! As you can imagine, we are all very proud of the boys. A few of the sponsors approached my daughter and her husband about marketing the game which was quite a surprise. Right now they are speaking to lawyers and such about patent security. It seems Invent Idaho has been a jumpstart for quite a few young inventors in the past. Michele was telling me about a 14 year old girl who placed third in her category a few years back. She's just about ready to bring her invention to market. It's called iCPooch. When her puppy was feeling lonely while she was away at school or vacation, this young inventor came up with a way to stay in touch with her puppy and even be able to give him a treat. It's very cool and oh so innovative! Aren't kids amazing!!!

Thank you all for visiting today and a very special thank you to all you meatball donors:) It sure was fun to put together. We'll have to do this again soon. Perhaps I should see what day we all can celebrate together in April, lol...Don't forget, Cookbook Wednesday is back. Dig out those cookbooks to share!!! Louise:)