Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Arrives with an Update

Garden Collage 2015
For those of you who may be thinking I have disappeared from the face of the Earth, I can assure you I have not...All is well in our little corner of the world. Marion is holding her own and has actually been storing up her energy for what we think may be our last trip down to New York for the rest of this year anyway! Whew! I'm not going to go into the detail of the fiasco that has been going on around here. Suffice to say I have been re-educated as to why some lawyers earn the "bigger" bucks. We have been very fortunate in that department. I'm still not sure as to when things will be back to normal. Not much is going to go on now until after the 4th of July. In the mean time, Marion and I will continue to gather information, fill out lots of paper work and save our strength. We both appreciate your kind and encouraging words and miss you all very much. It's hard to believe today is the first day of Summer for some of us and the first day of Winter in other parts of the world. Normally by now I would have been boring you to tears with every new blossom in the garden, lol...I don't really think you find it boring, lol... I hope you like the quick collage I threw together above. It doesn't even begin to touch on all the blooms the garden is bursting with this year but to be perfectly honest, I've missed quite a few of them myself. Thank goodness for Bill (the boy across the street) he has been keeping an eye on it while we've been taking care of business:) The Peonies were gorgeous this year. Bill did the sweetest thing. While we were gone, he managed to pick a few peonies before the rain. He put them in a vase and presented them to Marion the day we returned. She was delighted! (she even gave Bill a peck on the cheek:) She placed them carefully on her "picture table" for all to enjoy:)
Peonies 2015
If you are a regular visitor to this blog, you know I LOVE Carnations! They are my very best favorite flower, if I had to choose that is, please don't make me:) I love this shot of the carnations with the magenta Dianthus blooming in the background and the shades of green from the Turtleheads behind them both. They won't be blooming for a a month or so...
Carnations & Dianthus
Bill decided that if he was going to be "Lord of the Garden Manor," we had to add a hummingbird feeder. He said he would make sure the hummers always had sweet nectar. So far it seems he's doing a mighty fine job. Sometimes there are as many as five hummingbirds on the feeder at once. I managed to get a video (which I couldn't figure out how to upload) and a pretty cool picture of just one though. I believe it, probably a she, is a Ruby Throated Hummingbird but I'm not positive. It seems Bill has plans on pulling up a chair and reading back issues of Birds and Blooms in the back yard the next time Marion and I leave:) He wants to learn about birds, hummers in particular. What a kid!
Female Red Throat Hummingbird
Speaking of kids, mine are simply fantastic! Not only have they been helpful and supportive during these trying times, they got together and are sending me on an all expenses paid vacation! I can't tell you when or where because they won't tell me until "I'm in the right frame of mind." Their words not mine, lol... Well, there you have it. We are doing fine, the garden goes on with or without us as do the seasons of change. I wish you all happy thoughts, pleasant dreams and good health because as the saying goes my dear friends, your health is your wealth...thank you all so much. Happy Fathers' Day to all you "Pops" out there! I'll "see" you soon, Louise:)

If you are viewing the video of the hummingbird, it is thanks to Amelia who left a wonderful comment and instructions on how to upload. Thanks, Amelia! Your Steamed Rice Rolls sound amazing!!! (the klip klop sound in the background is an Amish buggy passing by:)

Butterfly Weed |Milkweed | Asclepias tuberosa


  1. Hi Louise, SO glad to see this post! Glad to see you and Marion are doing well. And Happy, happy birthday. On Monday. :-)

  2. Hi Louise, welcome back. so happy to see you again. And you started with a wonderful posting with all the gorgeous and beautiful flowers that I really enjoyed looking at it. The carnation is my favorite too and the lovely Peonies is so so sweet and elegant.

    Love your collage, look really nice. Thanks for sharing this wonderful postings. Have a lovely Sunday.

    P/S. Refer upload video in your posting.... at COMPOSE... the above tool bar there is a video logo function "insert video".. you just click that and upload from your handphone or webcam. Another alternative is upload the video to your computer, open an account in youtube then transfer your video to youtube to upload in your blog.

  3. WOW Louise !
    What a beautiful garden , I know it is a pleasure to sit in out there after day . Bill did a great job , it was so nice for you to give us a tour of your gorgeous garden.
    All the flowers are just lovely , boy ,the peonies blooms are huge and like you , carnations are a favorite, so dainty. It goes without saying ,we have truly missed you and very happy to hear all yor family is well and happy.
    I want to wish you my friend a very happy birthday (June 22th) don't forget to sign your birthday card (giggling).
    The Awesome Foursome says hello and what lovely flowers and novelties you have.
    Thanks for the update Nee :)

  4. Welcome back Louise. Sometimes life throw us some difficult curves but it looks like you are on the road to normalcy again.
    I would love to have someone like Bill to help with my gardens. It gets more difficult to maintain them as I grow older.
    Happy Father's Day to all the fathers.

  5. Hi Louise, wow.... bravo you managed to upload the video. Thanks for sharing the cute video.
    Thanks for the kind mentioned and your lovely compliments in my blog. Hi 5 to you.

    Best regards.

  6. I'm so glad you checked in. I was wondering about you. And thanks for the garden photos. I live in a downtown apartment without any outdoor space, so I love seeing your view. Take care.

  7. Happy to see you again Louise!:)
    Of course we miss you:)
    The video is beautiful!
    Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow Louise!
    Happy birthday!

  8. Hi, Louise,

    Welcome back! Hope you’ll have a happy birthday!! Wishing you a great day and year!

    Glad to see an update from you and Marion. Thank you for sharing and for your collage. Also a thank you to Bill for all his hard work. Love the video of the hummingbird and the picture of the peony. Ours just bloomed (late for us - we used to get them late May) and it’s a real treat for me. I planted a moon garden with white dianthus and dusty millers opposite our kitchen window, and we enjoy seeing the moon shine down on it before we turn in for the night.

    Enjoy your trip and the summer!

  9. I am so glad to see your garden pictures; that means you've had time to get a little enjoyment in between difficult days. I hope your visit with Michelle and her kids was just as wonderful as anyone could imagine, and that you got to enjoy many of the grandkids' activities. And with Bill to help with your garden's upkeep, you will stay sane. Best to Marion.

  10. So lovely to hear from you Louise! Your flowers are gorgeous! I am becoming a bit peony obsessed myself. This fall I have decided I need to learn how to divide them. Enjoyed your hummingbird video--I don't think I've ever seen one sitting still!

    I am happy to hear you have such a fine support network. When challenging times come, that is so important! Hopefully things start to improve sooner rather than later.

  11. Hello ! Hi Hi ! Louise !
    Oh yea ... I missed you. Definitely I'm happy to "see" you and to know you're enjoying in that little corner of the world. Seeing all those beautiful pictures ...summer time ! I'm so in the mood of love ... with those beautiful lovely blossom in the garden ! Lovely Carnations !
    Thanks for the update !

  12. It is nice to know that all is well in your beautiful little corner…I enjoyed the photos of your pretty garden. Take care.

  13. Great to hear you are doing well albeit in trying times - your garden looks magnificent - that little hummingbird is gorgeous and bill sounds like a gem - your family also sound like just the sort of people you want to have looking out for you. Have a happy 4th of july and good luck with sorting out everything

  14. Awesome photography, Louise! You were right, I'm probably one of those worried you may just disappear for good. Hahaha! So glad you're back in action & certainly miss those humour, dear! xoxo

  15. Hi Louise,
    I'm not sure whether my comment got thru just now.
    Glad to know that both you and Marion are doing great! Your garden is beautiful with lovely flowers and plants. The little hummingbird is very cute! Bill did a wonderful job with the feeder.
    You have lovely kids! An all-expenses paid vacation! Now you got us wondering where is your destination vacation!! Happy Birthday, Louise! Hope you have a wonderful vacation! And be sure to take lots of photos to share!

  16. I'm so glad you are back with an update! It sounds like things are progressing - slowly, but still progressing! I love your garden photos and I have tried for years to get a hummingbird video!

  17. Happy Birthday dear Louise , our birthday post is up with some added stuff .Enjoy your day , it only come once a year . Hugs to Marion ...Here's looking at you ...Nee :)

  18. Louise, your garden must be beautiful!! I love that photo with the hummingbird...and the video is so so cute!! It is really comforting to hear that there still are nice boys like Bill around, ready to give a hand and sweet enough to pick flowers for a very special elderly lady! I'm so happy to hear that everything is well for you and your dear ones and I'm sure that you will be able to "put all the pieces together" very soon!! I feel very lucky for having met you, my dear friend...Lots of hugs, Mary

  19. Hi Louise, So glad to see a post from you today! Your garden looks amazing…you really have the most gorgeous flowers! Wishing you a belated Happy Birthday! Will be anxiously awaiting your next post! Stay well!

  20. Hi Louise, I am happy for the update. I love the pictures of your flowers and garden. Take care of yourself!!

  21. Hi Louise,

    Welcome back to blogging!!! Nice to see your colourful and pretty summer! The carnation and peonies are so pretty :D


  22. Hi Louise!
    Thanks for the update....and...Happy belated Birthday!
    Hope things work out for you...
    Linda :o)

  23. Hi Louise,
    I am glad to hear you and Marion are doing fine. And your garden is lovely! It sounds like you've got quite a prize for a neighbor, there. Reminds me of last year, when my husband and I were travelling most of the summer -- when we got home, our next door neighbor had bagged up and frozen our garden tomatoes for us, and more than that, had picked the peaches from the peach tree, peeled them, sliced them, and left them in our garage freezer for us! What lovely neighbors we are blessed to have, and it sounds like it is the same for you. Hope you enjoy your summer and that any legal issues are solved quickly and fairly :)

  24. Hi, Louise! It's great to see you back here! The flowers are all beautiful and carnations are so fragrant and pretty. That's a great photo of them. Glad you are both doing well and here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  25. Oh yeah, I am jealous of those flowers. Absolutely stunning. I hope things get back on the swing for you soon. Sounds like you have lots of loving support with your kids. Treasure that, I know you do.

  26. Dear Louise, I am happy that I stopped by to visit and see your post that all is well with you and Marion. I miss you and hope that you take good care of yourself and that all will reside and be well for you. I am glad that your children are giving you a vacation soon and I am sure it will be someplace relaxing and comforting. Your flowers are very pretty. Stay well my dear and look forward to all settling down for you. Miss you xoxoxo Catherine

  27. Glad to hear you are still out there fighting! All the best!

  28. So glad to hear from you and I hope all continues to go well. Looks like Bill did a great job looking out for things. He bounds like a great kid. Take care!

  29. Louise, great to hear from you. You have a very beautiful flower garden:)

  30. I have been kind of out of things so it is great to be visiting you. Your flowers are inspiring. I can share some of my weeds although the herbs are doing well. Thanks for updating us.

  31. I am so glad you are both ok Louise! I was wondering whatever happened to you and came here to check! I know it is kind of late but very happy birthday to you my dear! Beautiful garden photos!

  32. Wonderful flowers and cute birds (I love the video). I'm so sorry I haven't visited your blog earlier (been a little "out" lately...). Anyway, thank you for the kind comment and words you left on m y blog.

    I hope you are doing well

    Take care and all the best,

    Rosa xoxo

  33. I am glad you and Marion are doing well. I love that shot of the peonies on the photo table. They are my favorite flower.

  34. Just checking in to say I am thinking of you...

  35. What beautiful photos! And Bill is a champ.

  36. Hi Louise, hope everything is coming along nicely and that you are both doing well. Miss you in this space of ours.......

  37. Hi Louise, I've been out in the woods an d is wondering if all is well with you and Marion. Take care.


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