Sunday, January 31, 2016

February 2016 Food Celebrations Calendar

I'm quite pleased with the calendar this month:) Marion keeps "nagging" me to make it clickable but, I'm not really sure anyone was feasting on the clicks. It's a bit easier doing it with no clicks. If she keeps at it though, I may just have to do another in the future:)

I thought today would be the perfect day to dig out the Chinese Zodiac poster I found in the Betty Crocker Celebrate! cookbook published in 2004. Have you figured out what Chinese Zodiac Animal you are? As for me, I was born during the Year of the Dragon:)

Let's take it one step further. I have this little red book titled Fortune-Telling Birthday Book which I've been "dying" to share with you. If your birthday is February 1st or 2nd, here goes...(notice the link in the sidebar for Ina's birthday on the 2nd:)

Once again from Betty, this time the Betty Crocker Cooking Calendar offers February's Red Letter Foods; Cabbage and Bananas. It makes so much more sense that cabbage should be celebrated in February. At least there's a World Cabbage Day on the 17th. The fact that February is National Cherry Month doesn't make as much sense unless you justify the heart shape and deep maroon color of cherries, lol...Whatever the reason, I plan on celebrating Cherry Month on Wednesday.

Speaking of red, the color red is a very important symbol during the Chinese New Year, which we are also celebrating this month. I don't have any red envelopes on hand, but I did find this recipe for Stir-Fried Red Snapper in Betty's book.

Doesn't it look festive???

For the record, folks, I was actually outside working in the garden today. Yes, it was that warm:) I just had to take advantage of it by doing some much needed clean-up. Since there isn't any snow on the ground, I also did a bit of thatching. I never realized how much easier it is to work in the garden in February! That's probably because I've never, ever done it before!!!

I hope you enjoy the calendar. I've put it in the sidebar for reference. You may also download it if you like. I'll be back on Wednesday to celebrate National Cherry Month! This year the focus will be on Bing Cherries. Ah Bing; Do you know why they are called Bings? "See" you then! Louise:)