Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Chocolate Cake Day!

Hey everybody, it’s Chocolate Cake Day. Need I say more???

First up, Black Magic Chocolate Cake.

Black Magic Chocolate Cake

I probably should have typed out the recipes for these two but, I didn’t:) So, I present to you in their original entirety; Never Fail Devil’s Food Cake and Cold Water Chocolate Cake, unfortunately not dated.

Devil's Food Chocolate Cake | National Chocolate Cake DayCold Water Chocolate Cake | Chocolate Cake Day

Okay, time for taste of a more modern Chocolate Cake. How about Walt’s Chocolate Beer Cake?

Chocolate Beer Cake | National Chocolate Cake Day

As a cookbook collector for oh so many years, I’ve managed to gather quite a collection of loose recipes. I must say though, this is the one and only recipe “gem” held together with a safety pin, lol…

Devil's Food Cake | Vintage Recipe

Musn’t forget the Icing:)

Here are a couple of typed index card recipes. Gotta luv them! (especially when you look at the name, lol…no it isn’t me:) A quick search didn’t reveal any news about the Silver Lake House or their Chocolate Cake. How about another recipe for Never Fail Chocolate Cake?

Silver Lake Chocolate Cake Recipe

If I had baked a cake for National Chocolate Cake Day, Chocolate Cake Pudding would have been my choice. Quite frankly, the reason why I didn’t bake it was because I was afraid I would eat the whole thing! (I need chocolate soon:) I’m including this recipe for Clever Judy’s Frosting just because:)

Chocolate Cake Pudding | National Chocolate Cake Day
Update, at the last minute, I “threw” the Chocolate Pudding Cake in the oven. Snap! In forty-five minutes, Marion was stuffing her face with Chocolate Pudding Cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. As for me, here’s my ooey, gooey taste! If you want a better picture and variation of the recipe, check out this link.
Chocolate Cake Pudding

My second choice would have to be this Caramel Frosted Chocolate Cake. Caramel and Chocolate, oh my!!!

Caramel Frosted Chocolate Cake

Thanks for hanging out with me for Chocolate Cake Day. I’m going to be back for a quick post Sunday night to reveal the new calendar for February. Just wait until you see all the delicious food days February has to offer. Another yummy of a month!!!