Wednesday, February 24, 2016

National Tortilla Question Mark Day

Error, error! It seems last Cabbage Day, I may have made a teeny tiny mistake. It didn’t have anything to do with the Cabbage Day info I shared. It had to do with my closing “statement.” ”I’ll be back next Wednesday to celebrate National Tortilla Day.” Well, I was almost right. You see, today is National Tortilla Chip Day and not so much National Tortilla Day, that’s according to google search returns anyway:) Does it matter? Not to me, at least I got it correct on the calendar, lol…It may have mattered if I didn’t have my heart set on sharing this yummy sounding tortilla dessert with you today!

I don’t know about you “guys” but when I think of tortillas, I think of savory fillings or things like burritos, tacos, even chimichangas (which by the way I LOVE:) Lemon Cheese Quesadillas with Mango Sauce is not usually the first thing I think of when it comes to celebrating the tortilla.

Lemon Cheese Quesadillas

As some of you might know, (Gloria:) I’m not fond of mangoes but, I might be willing to try them with minced jalapeño.

Lemon Cheese Quesadillas

I know for sure I wouldn’t have any problem with this recipe from The Well Filled Tortilla. Ice Cream, Caramel, Coffee all wrapped up in a Crunchy Tostado Cup, I’m all in even if it is the middle of February and pretty darn chilly out there!!!

Tostada Sundae with Coffee Caramel Sauce | The Well Filled Tortilla

I suppose it just wouldn’t be right to mosey along with the day and not at least pay homage to the celebration at hand, National Tortilla Chip Day. Let’s crisp up the everyday tortilla. I found this recipe for Crispy Tostados and Panchos in Peg Hein’s New Tastes of Texas ©1996.

New Tastes of Texas

To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure how long this cookbook has been inconspicuously sitting on my shelf. I sure wish I would have remembered it sooner. It may be a bit outdated considering it was originally published in 1994 however, the premise of the book is “Lighter, Leaner Recipes Flavored with Tales from the Lone Star State.” The author wrote the book because her husband’s heart problems made it necessary to lower the amount of fat in his diet. Her goal was to make sure her hubby could still eat that Texas food he loved while making it acceptable to his growling belly. To my mind this book accomplishes those goals. Now, as regular visitors will note, I don’t usually recommend books so I won’t now. But, if you happen to spy this book at a yard sale or thrift store, you might want to give it a look whether you are watching your diet or not.

Crispy Tostados | New Tastes of Texas ©1994

I guess the purpose of the day is to enjoy the tortilla. Go forth and dip…I’ll be back next Tuesday to post the Calendar for March, join Pam for Garden Tuesday and a mystery of sorts:) Don’t forget tomorrow is National Chili Day, followed by World Pistachio Day AND, my very best favorite, National Kahlúa Day on Saturday. Cheers, Louise:)