Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 2016 Food Celebrations Calendar

March 2016 Food Calendar

I don’t know about you but I feel like these months are just flying by!!! Yes indeed it’s already March, we had an extra day in February, and I still feel like all I do is go to sleep at night, wake up in the morning, and before I know it it’s bedtime again! What’s up with this suspended animation of snoring?

I’m going to put the “blame” on the weather. Let’s face it, normally the Winter months just seem to drag. There hasn’t been anything “normal” about the last couple of months when it comes to the weather. Not in my neck of the woods anyway. I’m actually worried about how the garden is going to react. Maybe I should say curious rather than worried. I’m no scientist and Lord knows I don’t want to get into the political arena with the global warming discussions, however, if I’m feeling euphoric about the unseasonably mild weather this year, how are the birds and the bees and the flowers and the tree and the moon above going to respond?

I was outside almost all day today, (Monday:) I didn’t get very much done in the physical sense, but I did do a bit of clean up and a bit of landscaping on paper. What’s going where, who belongs here, that kind of stuff:) Anyway, I wanted to take a picture of the Orchid I bought for Marion for Valentine’s Day so I brought it outside for a few shots. As the garage door was opening, I spied this Dove on top of the shed and quickly snapped the picture. It’s a good thing too because when I actually had the time to have him pose for his picture, the first two were blurry and then he flew away:)

March Celebrations & Events

Here’s the picture of the Orchid too. Silly me, I was outside a good part of the day, you think I would have taken the picture earlier!

March Celebrations & Events

Don’t ask me what kind of Orchid it is. I know very little about Orchids. If it weren’t for the encouragement of Pam and her Garden Tuesdays, I would never have given this beauty a second look. I guess it’s because I’ve always been under the impression that Orchids don’t last long and that they are hard to grow. Marion’s seems to being doing just fine. (but then she has a magic touch anyway, although, I did give her the plant tag to save and she seems to have misplaced it:)

March Celebrations & Events

So, I forgot to ask, how do you all like the calendar? Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out how to include the ongoing monthly celebrations but since I’m here, I’ll list you a few of them. (the ones with links are to previous posts:)

1. Celery Month
2. Noodle Month
3. March is Time for Maple Syrup
4. Frozen Food Month (March 6th is Frozen Food Day)
5. National Nutrition Month
6. Peanut Month

Now, if you look at today’s date on the calendar, you will see the words Mystery Chef. When I first planned this calendar, I thought March 1st was on a Wednesday. (I know, you would think with the calendar right in front of me I would know better but, I fill in the dates rather haphazardly, more like easiest first, lol..and the dates just seemed to get away from me. My plan was to introduce you to the Mystery Chef on what use to be Cookbook Wednesday. (which by the way will be returning come April:)

Be An Artist at the Range

The first thing we learn from and about the mystery chef has everything to do with the above title Be an Artist at the Gas Range ©1936 and the motto which follows,
"Always be an artist at the stove, not just someone who cooks.”

But, it is in The Little Book of Excellent Recipes that the true identity of the Mystery Chef is revealed. He is a man and his name is John MacPherson. These days, a man in the kitchen is not an unusual occurrence. However, back in the 30s, it was almost unheard of. As a matter of fact, Mr. MacPherson’s mom was so embarrassed that she requested her son not to use his real name and hence, The Mystery Chef. I will be sharing more information about the Mystery Chef in a future post. Today, I’m just going to share what I think is a rather interesting recipe; Mystery Chef Cinnamon Buns. Notice the amount of baking powder in the following recipe. Yes, that’s 6 teaspoons! Most recipes I have seen for [modern day] traditional cinnamon buns are made with yeast, but our Davis Baking Powder Mystery Chef’s biscuit like Shortcut Cinnamon Buns (that recipe is at epicurious) replace the yeast with baking powder. As many of you know, I have a wild case of yeastaphobia. I will be trying these cinnamon buns before my next Mystery Chef post!

Mystery Chef Cinnamon Buns

I hope you enjoy the calendar. I’ll be back next week with an “oldie” for National Crabmeat Day.

Cutting and Onion Without Crying

I’m linking this post to Garden Tuesday:)

Garden Tuesday