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Cookbook Wednesday | Loaves and Fishes Cookbook

The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook ©1985

It seems everyone is headed to New York these days. Wait, let’s back track. People have been flocking to New York for ages. After all, New York State “was the most visited state by overseas travelers in 2014.” (I didn’t look for 2015:)

For the 14th consecutive year, New York was the most visited state by overseas travelers in 2014, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce's National Travel & Tourism Office. A total of 9.98 million overseas visitors came to the Empire State last year, accounting for 29% of all overseas travelers in the United States. Florida remained #2 and California was ranked #3 among states in overseas visitation. (longisland.com)

I wasn’t thinking overseas visitors as “everyone,” I was merely heading traffic in the political direction. You know, “would be presidential candidates.” No, no, no, no bantering politics on this blog! We’re here for the food. Even presidential candidates have to eat you know. Apparently quite a few of the candidates couldn’t refuse some tasty New York bites. One had pizza, although he ate it very un-New York like:) Said person also ate “two plates of spaghetti bolognese, a sandwich with mozzarella, pickles, salami, provolone, and hot peppers and more in their travels…

I thought today would be a good day to introduce you to a tasty part of New York that I’m a bit more familiar with; Long Island. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve eaten my share of The Big Apple but Long Island is/was my home and these days I’ve really been missing the food. (and the ocean:)

I turn down a long quiet road with pampas grass growing high on either side, nearly masking the bay from view. Before me is the Atlantic Ocean and a hundred miles or more of fine, white sand. The beach this time of year is nearly deserted, but in a few weeks it will be alive with people.” (p. 20)

The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook was written by *Anna Pump the “owner and creative cooking genius behind the Loaves and Fishes Gourmet Take-Out Shop in East Hampton, Long Island.” (ed note: Anna pronounced Ahna is no longer with us. She passed away in October of 2015, her store is now run by her daughter)

Fresh Basil Frittata

If you’re a fan of the Food Network, in particular Ina Garten, you may have heard of Anna. Not only was she friends with Ina Garten, she was often a guest on her show. Ina first met Anna in 1979 while interviewing for a chef position at her Barefoot Contessa Food Shop in Westhampton Beach, Long Island. When she asked Ms. Pump to cook her something, Ms. Pump invited her to lunch where she cooked her a frittata.

…To this day, Ms. Garten credits Ms. Pump for mentoring her as she established her 2015 career, not to mention being the first person to serve her a frittata.

“I just remember meeting her and thinking, 'I want to be friends with this woman,'” Ms. Garten said in a phone interview on Tuesday. “When I met her, I didn’t know anything about cooking. She was incredibly warm and generous to me. Rather than being competitors, we were friends and supporters…” (source)

Salmon Frittata with Fontina and Fresh Dill

While we’re “visiting” Long Island, I thought it high time I introduce you to a recent addition to my collection, Long Island Food A History from Family Farms & Oysters To Craft Spirits by none other than our very own Long Island native T.W. Barritt host of Culinary Types.

Long Island Food ©2015

As T.W. so eloquently states:

”This is the story of Long Island’s historic connection to food. More importantly, it is the story of today’s pioneers, craftsmen and artisans who are forging a new food culture on Long Island. As a journalist and food blogger, I gain insights from the stories of individuals. What is history but a collection of stories about individuals and their accomplishments? It would be impossible to gather all of the stories that define Long Island food, but within these pages you will meet some of the individuals who are forging a new tradition. They are farmers, cheese makers, chefs, brewers, bakers, and entrepreneurs. They are the new curators of Long Island’s food history, and they are advancing our food culture with a healthy respect for the past as they put their own imprint on our next chapter. Through them, we can learn how and what we eat. In the twenty-first century, Long Island is a place where you can harvest heirloom tomatoes on a surburban farm, sweeten your yogurt with local honey or sip craft vodka made from local potatoes. Yes, we’re evolving beyond casseroles, but we haven’t abandoned our love of comfort food either. There’s always time for a juicy burger and shake or a plate piled high with fried soft-shell clams.”

Long Island Food is at arm’s length from my favorite kick back and relax chair. As much as I have acclimated myself to my new surroundings here in central Pennsylvania, every once in a while I need a taste of Long Island and T.W.’s book always manages to bring me home if not just for a little while. Thank you T.W:)

I had such a wonderful time joining Maureen's In My Kitchen last week. I "met" so many new bloggers and enjoyed each and every visit and visitor along the way. If you are even contemplating joining in on the fun, don't hesitate. Give it a try and see what happens. Everyone I've "met" so far has been so warm and friendly, I'm kinda sorry I didn't do it sooner:)

BTW: Today is National Scrabble Day! And, don't forget National Empanada Day

Thank you all for joining us for Cookbook Wednesday. I was gleefully surprised with all of your additions to the linky. Remember, you too can join us on Cookbook Wednesday whenever you like. Whether you are reviewing a cookbook (I’ll talk more about that next week:) or simply excited about a new addition to your cookbook shelf, add your link for all to see. You don’t have to post and prepare a recipe. You can just write about it and share a memory. If it’s cookbook related, we want to see it!!!

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