Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In My Kitchen | Cookbook Wednesday

When I was a child, on those Sundays that we didn’t trek into New York City to visit my grandmother, we use to take long Sunday drives after church. My sister and I would sit in the back seat of my father’s Ford Galaxie with our faces smeared to the windows; watching. Sunday was the quiet day of the week in suburbia. There were few shopping malls, if any. I do think there was one under construction. I'm sure it wasn't open on Sundays. The only store I remember being open on Sunday was the local delicatessen which most likely closed early in the afternoon. (we use to call them delis, I actually still do:)

My father would have the car radio tuned in to The Mighty 1290 WGLI the local AM radio station which played Italian music on Sunday mornings. My sister and I would peer out the back windows of the car taking in the sights while singing along to the songs we knew the words to. Sometimes in Italian, other times in English. My father always sang in Italian:)

As we drove along, I would wonder what was going on in other people’s homes. How many children lived inside? What kind of furniture did they have? All kinds of illusions would float through my head questioning things only to my mind’s eye. As the day would wind down and we would head home, I knew by the time we got back my mother would have the pot of sauce up for Sunday dinner and the rest of the day would center around the meal. If I was lucky and we ate early enough, sometimes I was allowed to take a walk after dinner. That was my favorite time of the day. As dusk settled on the neighborhood, lights would be lit and as I strolled through the neighborhood, I could get a glance of the glow inside the homes. It always mesmerized me and to this day I’m not sure why. The wonderment doesn’t exist for me anymore; I’m not sure why:)

In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen is an event hosted by Maureen; The Orgasmic Chef. The premise is simple. You post about what’s going on in your kitchen once a month before the 10th of the month. I’ve been enjoying visiting others who have been sharing their kitchen going ons for the past few months and I thought this Cookbook Wednesday would be the perfect day to join in on the fun.

We always had a cookie jar at our house when we were growing up. Most times it was empty. “Only for show” my mother always said. Here’s one of the cookie jars in my kitchen. And yes, right at the moment it too is empty. However, when my kids were home, they made it a point to keep it filled. My son John was usually the cookie baker at our house.

Speaking of John, that’s the Kitchen Angel he gave me for Christmas a long while back. On the bottom she reads:

“Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.”
~H. VanHorne

And finally, a few new things have entered my kitchen the past couple of weeks. Well, the Summer Truffle Salt is brand new, John brought it back from Italy. He and Robyn also stumbled upon a charming Italian bookstore while visiting and brought me a couple of cookbooks back written in Italian!!! I guess Google translate and I will be forming a “partnership” in the future:)

Cookbook Wednesday

Back by popular demand, Cookbook Wednesday!!! If this is your first visit to Cookbook Wednesday, welcome! Each Wednesday for the next couple of months I will be sharing a cookbook from my collection. Wait! There’s more. You are all invited to join in. And, guess what? There are no rules. Well, hardly:) It’s pretty simple actually. Share one of your favorite cookbooks on your blog and link up below. That’s it. You can share a recipe, a memory or even a review if you choose. But more about that later. Let’s get to this week’s selection.

The Kitchen Digest isn’t exactly a cookbook. I chose it for today because it kinda fits in with our In My Kitchen theme. It claims to be “the nations personalized digest focusing on interesting material for the homemaker.” This edition was published by the Women’s Society of Christian Service of the Allenport Methodist Church in Pennsylvania ©1952. Enjoy:)

Wouldn’t you love to see this Birdcage Kitchen in color!!!

How about this one called The Menu Kitchen?

Have you ever wondered about the history of Brunch? Well, the Kitchen Digest has the answer.

I couldn’t resist including some fashion plates of the era. Again, too bad they aren’t in color:) This one's for you Sonia!

Of course, there’s a home shopping department.

And a selection of miscellaneous home remedies and tips.


There is a scattering of articles throughout the digest including traveling, decorating, sewing and the “romance of spices.” I couldn’t possibly include them all in this post. I’ve also chosen only one recipe to share. It’s an intriguing recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup that splashes in a “secret ingredient; Angostura Bitters.

If you have a problem linking up with the linky tool below, you are more than welcome to include your Cookbook Wednesday link in the comment section or send it on over to me at acalendar {at} gmail {dot} come. I’ll be happy to show you how to do it or even do it for you! The most important part is to join in on the fun! One more note, it isn’t necessary to do a lengthy post in order to join Cookbook Wednesday. This post is a bit longer because of joining In My Kitchen:) “See” you next week, Louise:)

Psssst... I left a few links to Cookbook Wednesdays of the past for you to check out. Enjoy

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