Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cookbook Wednesday | A Give-a-way, a Winner and a Picnic

There’s lots to talk about this Cookbook Wednesday. Something tells me I better not jibber jabber too much and get right to it!

Cookbook Wednesday | Share Your Favorite

There’s something you don’t know about me, well actually there are quite a few things, lol…This one thing relates to food. There are more “one things” that pertain to food, that you don’t know, but this one thing is simply a word. The word is foodie or foody however you spell it. I detest it! I don’t know why. As the girl in the diner repeatedly reminds me “it is what it is.”

Which brings me to this week’s Cookbook-Give-A-Way. There are those who are huge fans of cooking shows. I am not one of those people. (no foodie, no foodtv either) I do watch Chopped every now and again but I rationalize by convincing myself I am not watching the “pros.” I’m entertained by the amazing things people can do with food when left with a jumbled basket of ingredients to transform.

However, I do consider myself a cookbook collector and to me, there is always room on the shelf for just one more cookbook:) But, there isn’t a need to have room for duplicate copies unless, it’s a very special book. (not that all books aren’t special in their own way:)

Cookbook Give-A-Way

There were 5 entries in last week’s Cookbook-Give-A-Way. Come on you “guys!” How am I going to make room on these shelves if I can’t share my duplicates. Give them Away!? I’m tryin’ I’m tryin’. So, this week, leave a comment below as to how you feel about that word, OR your feelings on the concept of food.tv.

And now for the cookbooks you too may be adding to your shelves. (if you are not in the US, not to worry, if you are a regular reader of monthsofediblecelebrations, and don’t have any problems receiving mail from the US, you too can enter this give-a-way:) (in other words it has to be really simple for me to be able to mail it, lol)

First up we have Bobby Flay’s Grilling For Life.

From Publishers Weekly:

Even though each recipe in Flay's new guide to grilling is accompanied by an analysis provided by nutritionist Joy Bauer (including number of calories and grams of carbs, sugar, fat, sodium and fiber), the Food Network star insists this is not a diet cookbook. Flay's goal, he says, is not to encourage high-protein living, but rather to give readers the nutritional information they need to support a healthy diet. Written with the help of Stephanie Banyas and Sally Jackson, the introduction and headnotes capture Flay's tone and provide clear direction and interesting tips…

Since today is National Lobster Day, I thought it only fitting to include Bobby Flay’s recipe for Grilled Lobster Tails with Hot Ginger-Green Onion Vinaigrette. If you were looking for a more traditional recipe to share on Lobster Day, you might want to pop by the recipe I posted for Lobster Newburg a la Bookbinder’s. (Bookbinder's was a legendary seafood restaurant located in Philadelphia's historic Old City.) The history of Lobster a la Newburg can be found at Delmonico’s. You might also want to check out this “Cranky Lobster Dish.” It seems Forbes Magazine will be celebrating today also:) BTW, “officially” National Lobster Day was recently (2015) proclaimed to be Sept. 25th by a vote of the U.S. Senate.

I haven’t heard anything about Emeril Lagasse in a while. It’s rather ironic, but when I had a website eons ago hosted by AOL, I often visited Emeril’s website. At the time, it was a wealth of information, especially about all things NOLA and sometimes he even celebrated national so and so days:) Every Day’s a Party is a FUN book! It also has gorgeous photographs and of course Emeril’s signature recipes.

From Publishers Weekly @amazon (no affiliate, simply a source cite:)

With restaurants in New Orleans, Orlando, Fla., and Las Vegas, Nev., two shows on the Food Network and five cookbooks, Lagasse is a multimedia phenomenon. This manic, in-your-face cookbook collects Louisiana-style recipes for holidays and events, some familiar (Thanksgiving is to be celebrated with Emeril's Fried Turkey), some local (the New Iberia Gumbo Cook-Off, featuring Gumbo Ya-Ya with sausage) and some purely personal (Lagasse's parents' anniversary with his-and-hers entr?es: Mr. John's Veal Chops with Smoked Gouda Cheese Macaroni and Hilda's Mahi Mahi with Seasonal Vegetables)…

Ina Garten seems to have quite a following. I understand why, I think. Her recipes are down to earth, chatty and most find them to be dependable. Sounds like a recipe for a following to me:) The Barefoot Contessa at Home is another fun book dotted with gorgeous pictures. It was published in 2006. One day I plan on trying the Barefoot Contessa’s recipe for Easy Lobster Paella. It sounds dee…li…cious!

From Publishers Weekly

Garten's fifth cookbook (after Barefoot in Paris) follows her surefire formula: uncomplicated but elegant recipes for the home cook whose priority is spending time with friends and family, not in the kitchen. From breakfast to dessert, the Food Network star organizes this volume by meal, with an easy-to-navigate recipe list at the top of each section…

Give-A-Way Winner

I may have put the cart before the horse, lol…I slipped right past last week’s Cookbook Give-A-Way Winner! Here’s Marion with her trusty hat, lol…(she still looks a bit frail)

And the Winner is…Linda the sweet hostess of There And Back Again Food. Be sure and pop by her blog and congratulate her:)

The Picnic Game

Picnic Day Logo

To be perfectly honest, I’m betwixt and between when it comes to whether we should have our virtual picnic this year:( The question is, or should I say the “problem” is, I count 15 possible picnic goers so far. Since the Picnic Game depends on everyone sharing a dish from each letter of the alphabet, what do we do about the remaining 11 letters? We’ve had this problem in the past. Most times, picnic guests brought more than one dish. In other words, they chose more than one letter. It all came together at the end but, previously, it was only one or two letters, not eleven.

Let’s put that aside for a moment while I explain how the Picnic Game works for those who have never “play” before. Basically, the Alphabet Picnic Game is played like a memory game.

The traditional memory game starts when one player recites:
I’m going on a picnic and I'm bringing an ___.” (some word(s) that start with an A; for instance Apple Pie)

The second player says, I’m going on a picnic, and I'm bringing... an Apple Pie. (the same "A" word(s) the first player used, in this case an Apple Pie) and ___." they add a "B" word. (for instance, Blueberry Muffins)

Now, if the second player said they were going to bring a Hula Hoop, they wouldn't be able to come:( So the full sentence would be:

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing an Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffins.
Let's do one more the traditional way just to make sure I know what I'm doing:)

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing an Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffins and Candy. (I added a "C" word; Candy)

Online Picnic Game Rules

I've tried to make the "rules" as easy and fair as possible.
1. Since it will be a virtual picnic day celebration, that means Anyone, Anywhere can play. It doesn't matter if you live in Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Hungary, India...or the USA. If you have a suitable picnic recipe you're welcome to play.

2. On International Picnic Day, June 18th, the game would begin. You would leave a comment with your letter choice for the dish you would like to bring to the picnic. For instance, if you want to bring a dish to the picnic, that begins with the letter "A," your comment must be left before another person chooses the letter A. We can only have one letter of the alphabet for each dish. Note: If you would like to choose a backup letter just in case your chosen letter is taken, that would be GREAT too!!! If you would rather I suggest a letter from those letters that are left or you just LOVE surprise, let me know and I will "assign" you a letter and you can create the dish.

3. I will let you know if you can bring your dish to the picnic by leaving a You're Invited! comment on your blog. (for those with no blog, please leave an email address) "You're Invited" will be your signal to prepare a post for the Picnic Day Round-Up. Now, here's the confusing part. Your post can be your usual post but at the beginning of the post, you should mention something about the Picnic Game and a link list of the dishes that are being brought before yours. For example:
Let's say my dish begins with the letter "F" and I'm bringing Foolproof Dark Chocolate Fudge. After a short introduction to the game, my post would look something like this:

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing…

A-Apple Raspberry Turnovers
C-Cilantro & Lime Chicken Breasts
D-Double Good Macaroni & Cheese
E-Edamame & Violet Risotto
F-Foolproof Dark Chocolate Fudge.

Remember, in all fairness, the choosing of the letters begins June 18, 2016, International Picnic Day. I will posting that day at 12:00 noon EST. As soon as the comments are open, you can leave your letter. Don’t worry if you don’t make it the first day, the choosing of the letters usually takes a while. Some of you have “chosen” letters either through email or on previous posts. Part of the hoopla of the Alphabet Picnic Game is the choosing of the letters. The comment section seems to work out the best for all to see. So please re-enter your request in the comment section. One of you has requested the letter C due to circumstances at home. The only solution, I’m kinda sorry to say, is to be here first on Saturday, and choose your letter. Perhaps, by me mentioning this conundrum, others will leave it open for you:) If you know of anyone who might be interested in toting a dish to the Picnic Game, by all means invite them! It’s a wonderful way to meet new bloggers, visit old friends, and see what others are toting.

I’ll fill you in on the rest of how the game works on Saturday. In the meantime, are we betwixt and betweened OR, are we having a picnic???

Hit those shelves you “guys” and share your favorite! Louise:)

Cookbook Wednesday | Share Your Favorite


  1. Hi Louise,
    I have no interest whatsoever in food TV -- I might be more anti-food-TV than you are. For the most part, the programs on the Food Network are no longer really about food, it's about personalities and showing off. The worst are the "contests" where i guess people get to vicariously express various sorts of violent aggression. Please don't enter me in your raffle, as I don't really want any food personalities' cookbooks -- I'm that negative. Maybe you'll agree about the past -- I liked some of the low-key food stars in the dawn of those days: Julia Child of course, but also the very early shows where Mario Batali actually showed how to cook Italian food (I mean 20 years ago, nearly), Lidia's Italy, and things like that. No more. OTOH my granddaughter loves Youtube cooking videos, and sometimes she shares them with me, and I love anything she does.

    As for the word foodie -- it's boring. I think its time has gone by. I don't blame you for hating it.

    In your description of the Picnic Game, I'm not sure you mentioned that the participants' list was made up of LINKS to the other participants' recipe posts, so all posts had to be in place by the deadline. I know it's a lot of work that you put in to create and distribute the links, but having all those links on all those 26 pages was really fun. I hope you get enough people signing up. I'll be here again on June 18 with my choice of letter. Also, I'd mention that some people are very creative with the name of the recipe so they can figure out a way to cook what they want and include whatever letter they chose or were assigned. We should all admire you terrifically for this major undertaking!

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Mae:)
      First let me say, I'm sorry I didn't get over to your Cookbook Wednesday post as early as I would have liked. It was a very hectic day with Marion. However, she is now home and resting, thank goodness:)

      I did enjoy the long ago days of cooking shows. Lida's Italy was a favorite of mine and sometimes I catch it on PBS. I can definitely understand you loving anything your granddaugher enjoys, I do the same:)

      Thank you SO much for mentioning the link ups for the Picnic Game. This post was getting rather long and since it seemed uncertain whether we would be playing, I figured I would wait until Saturday to explain the rest. Creativity with recipe names is also an excellent point. Thanks!

      I love hosting the Picnic Game. I've actualy got a sort of system which seems to work, lol...fingers crossed for this year:)

      Thanks so much for visting, Mae. I will respect your wishes about not wanting any of these books:)

  2. I'm up for the game, Louise, but make it easy on yourself. If you have 11 letters blank, cancel the event. It's supposed to be fun, not work! You have enough on your plate!
    Much as I love your cookbooks, I am downsizing my cookbooks....last thing I need is another one! And I am so tempted too. :)

    1. Thank you for that advice Barbara:) It looks like we'll just have to wait until Saturday to see how things progress with the Picnic Game. Fingers crossed, lol...

  3. I am up for the picnic game and really want to bring my apple pie but it is already eaten! I have entered it into Cookbook Wednesday as you suggested. I would have loved to include a decent pic of the cookbook but my time for photos is far less these days than in days past. And I am not really into cookery shows - well I might watch them but they are low on priorities as I hate all the drama and marketing - though I did enjoy some of the nigella shows - but I do like the word foodie - it seems a word that shows fondness for those who love all things food.

    1. Thank you so much for linking up to Cookbook Wednesday, Johanna:) I wish you could bring your apple pie too, it looked invitingly delicious!

      I'm delighted to hear you are up for the Picnic Game! Thanks for visiting, Johanna...

  4. Nice list of chefs. I would have to say Bobby Flay is one of my favorites. I love watching him cook.

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post, Lady Lilith:)

  5. I'm not fond of the "foodie" term either. Don't even know exactly what it means -- does it denote some kind of expertise in preparation? Or just great enthusiasm in consumption? The latter, I suspect. Anyway really fun post -- thanks.

    1. My feeling exactly, John:) Thanks for visiting...

  6. When I hear people say they're foodies, I have to concentrate really hard to avoid rolling my eyes... People who describe themselves that way usually seem more than a little insufferable to me. I will admit to watching some cooking shows. I like things like "Cake Wars" or the various baking championships because I love to see how people can whip up amazing desserts in so little time.

    1. You just reminded me Poppy. I have been known to curl up with the grandkids and watch Chopped for Kids (or something like that:) They enjoy it which lets me enjoy it too:) Love the rolling of the eye thought, lol...thanks for visting, Poppy...

  7. I remember Bookbinder's.. It was just about the only restaurant in Philly when I was growing up--well, a nice restaurant. Can't wait for the Picnic Picks! Have to mark the calendar for Saturday--and then I have to look at the calendar. LOL!

    1. How lucky for you to grow up by Bookibinder's Janet. Very cool...Be sure and mark that calendar AND remember to look at it!!!

  8. wow Louise my favorite ! Picnic on line !!
    Ok I ask the letter B or F you tell me.
    Marion look good Louise.
    I will add my link .

    1. Thanks for trying to add your link Gloria. I had a difficult time adding it too but it finally went through!!! We'll be picking the letters on Saturday Gloria for International Picnic Day:)

      Thank you so much for dropping by...

  9. I link my last post but always something happens me lol
    may you try Louise please ?????

    1. You know I love all giveaways and love Bobby flay and Ina Garten .

  10. Finally joined in (phew). I do love the idea of the picnic, so hope to participate.
    Like you I would not wish to be described a s a foodies, though I do love my cookbooks, obviously mostly vegetarian and vegan.
    PS Please don't enter me for this cookbook give away.

    1. Thank you so much for linking Shaheen. What a GREAT book!!!

  11. Hi Louise, well the word foodie to me means someone who enjoys trying new foods and places to eat, though I asked my husband and he said foodie is a food snob, so I guess it means many things.

    And oh yes we should do a picnic that would be fun, always love your Wednesday post!!!!

    1. I guess you are sooooo right Cheri. Very well put, thank your husband too, lol...

      Delighted to hear you will be joining us for the Picnic Game. It is fun:)

  12. I was given a celebrity cookbook by a relative, and while it had a few dishes I enjoyed, I can't say that it has been the greatest thing since tea and toast. I think we are alike in that way. ;-) Some of these cookbooks might be fun to read, and I know I'd give the grilling cookbook to Jeffrey, who is buying a house this summer and I know he will be getting a grill soon thereafter.

    I hate the word foodie! You can't just go around sticking a long e sound on the end of a perfectly good word and making up a new one (I also hate hoodie and smoothie for starters....don't get me into a rant). You did make me giggle with your disdain for the word. I also don't watch cooking shows, although I've caught a couple of episodes of amateur competitions, and they are kind of fun.

    I'll go looking for your signup on Saturday morning (probably around 4AM), but I"m guessing I'll be looking before you have it posted! See you then. Enjoy your warmer weather, Louise and Marion.

    (Oh, and I was careful hanging out the window. I don't fear heights, and I got the painting done in under 10 minutes. My menfolk are worrywarts! And I love them for it.)

  13. Dear Louise,
    Great post and I must congratulate Linda on winning the cookbooks. The new ones you have are terrific..I love all three of these cooks and I am a "Foodie." I believe that word means that you love anything to do with food of any kind. From the equipment to use or to the food that you can cook or bake. I must say that I am a TV food person. I love the TV shows and I must say I have learned so much from so many of the chefs. All of the info I have learned I have written a family cookbook for my nieces when they get married. So many of these recipes and equipment are essential to the home cook. So that is what a Foodie means to me. Can't wait till Saturday for the Picnic Game..(If you still are going to proceed with it) I will be right there on Saturday at 12:00pm. I am more than willing on taking more than one, if you need people to help out. The recipe for the "Grilled Lobster Tails" from Bobby Flay sounds wonderful. I enjoy Lobster and this one is a very tasty one for sure. Especially from Bobby Flay. Thanks for sharing these books and for all that you do with the Picnic Game etc. Hope that you enjoy your weekend and please tell Marion I said Hi to her too!
    Hugs Dottie :) x

  14. I'm so excited I won! Thank you! By the way, did you text me about winning? I didn't recognize the text, so could you try again, please, if you did!

  15. Great post, Louise! I haven't watched any cooking shows on TV for a long time, and I feel the same about "foodie." I so agree with there's always room for another cookbook. Great recipe for the lobster tails, bet they're delicious! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

  16. I am a fan of Ina Garten after seeing her on the Food Network here. She is a bit like Nigella in that she makes cooking look fun and that she enjoys what she makes.

  17. Louise, sounds like an awesome giveaway & picnic game! Will try to participate if I get the time. Looks fun, dear! xoxo

  18. I can bring two dishes if needed Louise! I love A Chef's Life on PBS and Martha Stewart. I have watched Ina Garten a few times too and her internet recipes are usually reliable I think. Well must put Saturday picnic RSVP on my to do list and start thinking about things to bring!

  19. I used to collect lots of cookbooks, but lately decided that they take too much space so most of my cooking/baking ideas are from internet or TV...although once in a while I still love flipping through cookbooks pages, especially from the ones that I brought from Brazil...so much fun.
    Thanks for this nice post Louise...hope you and Marion are having a great week :)

  20. Count me in. When do we get our letter assignment or do we pick? I'm a little unclear (or dense)....

  21. Sorry I’m late this week. Things have gotten a bit crazy. Thank goodness for postdated posts. The picnic game sounds like fun, Louise, but I’m still a little confused. Looking forward to the explanation on Saturday. I can bring a few extra ‘dishes’ - Imqaret takes care of I.

    About the word foodie… whenever I hear it it I think of the Boston Pizza commercial and laugh.

    The Emeril cookbook reminded me of Ma. She loved watching him! In another life I think she was a Cajun Queen :) I don’t know if the Sopranos cookbook counts, but that is my only celebrity cookbook.

  22. Mejórate pronto Louise eso es lo importante,tú seguirás escribiendo esos hermosos post como siempre, saludos y abrazos.


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