Friday, July 15, 2016

Yes Indeed! It’s Me Louise!

Hi Everyone!!! I sure have missed you “guys.” How can I ever thank you for all your thoughtful words and prayers. Just hearing them and eventually being able to read them on my own lifted my spirits. I am forever grateful:)

I don’t want to get into the gory details of what has happened in the last couple of weeks. Suffice to say, I am lucky, happy to be alive and loving every moment of it!!! Which reminds me, you should do the same:) I came {{{this close}}} to never, ever “seeing” you “guys” again and believe me when I tell you, I’m not dramatizing…Stop and hug yourself right now and while you’re at it, hug anyone that’s around you too!!!

I’ve learned so much about myself and others in the last couple of weeks. Things you would think a person of my age would have learned long ago. (thank you for all your kind birthday wishes, I don’t mind admitting for one minute that I actually enjoyed having my birthday in the hospital! It’s GREAT to be alive!!!)

Although this entire experience has been quite the eye opener, I feel the need to tell you there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent it from happening. At first it was difficult for me to understand that it just happened and it happened to me. Smoking or not smoking would not have prevented it, eating right, exercising, or any of those things that come to mind when you think about doing your best to stay healthy wouldn’t have changed a thing. As the doctor explained it, it just happens sometimes. I was very fortunate to have a guardian angle watching over me:)

It’s a bit ironic really. Regular readers to this blog may remember when my son took me to the casino for my birthday and I happened to win! Fact is, I am superstitious about winning around my birthday and this year I made an extra effort to buy instant scratch offs to move things along. Scratching and thinking, I’m going to win, lol, that’s the gambler in me I suppose. Well, I may have not won big money, but I sure did win in a memorable way!!!

Perhaps, it is in our lust for living that we take life for granted. I realize this more now than I did only weeks ago but, another revelation has come to mind; pictures. Happy pictures that is, joyful pictures, in the moment images that bring a smile to our faces and essence to our minds. When we think about the reflections that cause those grins, don’t they seem all so uncomplicated? Embrace them, appreciate them, and be thankful for them because it really is the simplest things in life worthy of our utmost appreciation. Your health is truly your wealth and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

I don’t know when or if I will be back to full time blogging anytime soon. You all “met” my daughter Michele when she gallantly tackled a couple of blog posts in my absence. Well, she and the kids are coming to visit in less than two weeks. Yippee!!! (another thing I’ve questioned in the last couple of weeks is all this social media stuff including blogging, is it really living?) I’m sure I’m in a “thank God I’m alive mode” which is causing me to question oh so many things. And I’m also sure I’ll snap out of it once I’m physically feeling like my old self again which the doctor says may take quite a while. (I'm not even back to driving yet:( I’m working on it though and that means lots and lots of walking and breathing; yes breathing:) (after having part of your lung removed, it’s important to get the remaining lobes to expand and stay healthy, so I’m told:)

Life really is short and yes, things really can change ”in a New York minute.” Marion is doing well and I am doing fine. We will both be focusing on building up our strength physically and mentally. We’re on our own since my sister Maria had to return to her family in New York. Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement. You have no idea how much they mean to us, sending lots of hugs your way, Louise:)

As you can imagine, the garden has been keeping me quite busy. Not in the usual way of toiling and weeding but it has been just as active as usual even if I haven’t been. As soon as the sun rises I go outside for a morning stroll. The doctors tell me it is very important to do as much walking as possible. Well I am, and I do believe my driveway is beginning to show worn signs from my little footsteps:)

It hasn’t been easy to get down and dirty to catch those speedy hummingbirds but I did manage to capture this one for now. They sure do love those Tiger Lilies!!! Take care you “guys”, “see” you soon:)