Thursday, May 3, 2018

Superior Salads

Superior Salads

Doesn't this look like a charming little booklet celebrating the superiority of salad:

a cold dish of various mixtures of raw or cooked vegetables, usually seasoned with oil, vinegar, or other dressing and sometimes accompanied by meat, fish, or other ingredients.

I thought so. As a matter of fact, I thought it the perfect introduction to May and two of May's monthly celebrations; Salad and Vinegar! That's right folks, May is National Salad Month AND National Vinegar Month!!! The fact that May is Salad Month is well documented across the web. However, National Vinegar Month has never been easy to verify until, today!!! (check out that link for verification and some vinegar lore also:)

Since I've already posted some of my favorite salad recipes from The Book of Antipasti by Lyn Rutherford, why not pucker up with some of Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar recipes as provided in this vintage vinegar recipe booklet. Unfortunately, I can not document it's publication date. Although, the date 1842 is referred to quite often but I'm thinking that's the "birth" date of Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar.

Duffy's 1842 Apple Juice Vinegar
Duffy's 1842 Apple Juice Vinegar

Now, you would think from the publication date of this booklet, whenever that date might be, there would be a HUGE difference in the ingredients needed to toss together any one of the following salads. However, that doesn't seems to be the case. Any one of these recipes, whether it be for the Lobster, Cucumber, Artichoke or Beet Salad, pretty much include the same ingredients we would use nowadays with the exception of Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar, of course.

Lobster Salad, Beet Salad, Cucumber Salad using Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar

The next group of recipes I chose to include may seem a bit odd these days, especially the recipe for Tongue Salad. However, I really found the Weights And Measures At A Glance intriguing and just had to include it!

Lobster Salad, Beet Salad, Cucumber Salad using Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar

Okay, so, I've left you all in suspense long enough. If you're wondering how I'm doing since my last post way back in December, I'll answer short and sweet. I have good days and I have some days that aren't so good. I'm delighted to "report" due to the new medication we are trying, I am having a few more good days than not. Yippee!!! Now, don't get too excited, I don't see me returning to blogging any time soon but, I may just be able to do a bit more flitting socially whether it be on Facebook, Pinterest or just with quick little blog visits. As many of you know, I usually make my yearly trip to Idaho this time of year. That won't be happening this year. My daughter and the kids understand. Who knows, maybe they will surprise me with another visit!

I hope and pray you are all doing well and that this post finds you in good spirits and good health. You know what I always say, your health is your wealth and believe me, it really IS!!! Cheers! Louise:)

Duffy's Apple Juice Vinegar

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone! Wow, it sure has been a while since I've given you all an update. Unfortunately, today is not the day either:) Let me just tell you that I am doing okay and continue to fight, fight, fight!!!

I did want to take a moment to wish you, those that celebrate, a Happy Holiday Season. #EverydayisagiftfromGod and I intend on appreciating each and every one. My gift to you is simple; try and do the same:) Of course, there must be cookies too, lol...

I always get so citrusy this time of year. I think these Orange Sour Cream Bars should "hit the spot!"

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year to You and Yours!!! Louise:)