Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Present It a "Perk"

So, did anybody get a new coffee pot for Christmas? It seems that James Mason's wife must have gotten a brand new percolator at least once for Christmas. You see, James Mason patented the first American coffee percolator on December 26, 1865. Patent #51741. Some say, the coffee pot was an improvement he designed for his wife. Although a coffee percolator had previously been invented by Laurens in Paris in 1818, it wasn't what we would recognize today as a percolator even after it had been improved upon in 1827. I would love to immerse myself in the invention of the coffee percolator and share it here but, it is the day after Christmas, so I will just leave you with this "gift" for now. P.S. There are those who credit Hanson Goodrich, as the inventor of the percolator calling him the "Father of the Percolator." Count Rumford also finds his name associated with the percolator and Baked Alaska.

Did you know...
Coffee filters were invented by a housewife who wanted to sip a perfect cup of java without the bitterness caused by over brewing. read more

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