Sunday, November 23, 2008

Eat A Cranberry Day!

I'm just popping out posts this week! Actually, I'm heading back to New York today but before I go, I want to remind everyone that according to RecipeZaar and a few other sites I happened upon this week, November 23, is Eat A Cranberry Day!

I don't know, it just strikes me in an odd sort of way that someone or ones would suggest such a day but, hey, I'm all for promoting the Health Benefits of Cranberries. It just so happens, I did a post last year for National Cranberry Month, which makes more sense to me, at least give us a month to enjoy the little bouncer.

I didn't check out too many recipe sites for cranberry recipes, however, I did go back to How To Eat a Cupcake, one of the sites I had visited earlier this week in search of Eat A Cranberry Day. Today, a recipe was posted for the Iron Cupcake Challenge and, it just so happens to be a recipe for Spiced Pear Cupcakes w/ Cranberry-Orange Filling, that sound quite intriguing. It seems I missed a wonderful assortment of cranberry recipe is my haste to post this entry. You must check out the Recipe Girl blog. There is an amazing recipe for Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Seed Paper Rolls with Cranberry Chile Dipping Sauce that sounds much harder than it appears.

As for me, I will leave you with a few more recipes from another Eatmoor Cranberries leaflet. This one titled Tasty Ways to Serve the Tonic Fruit (no publication date) There is also a whole list of cranberry recipes at the Ocean Spray site, just in case you can't find an interesting recipes here.

Have FUN! Eat a Cranberry or two, three...

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