Sunday, December 20, 2009

Silver & Gold: Silver

"Make new friends...keep the old...One is silver...the other gold."

Yes, I was a Girl Scout. And as a Girl Scout, I earned many badges. However, you may be surprised to learn, I never received a Friendship Badge. (I was very quiet and shy in those days and a wee bit awkward to boot, but that, gentle readers, is a story for another day:) For the past few days, I have not been able to get the above tune out of my head. I go around the house humming, "Make new friends...keep the old...One is silver...the other gold," over and over again. Tis' the season I suppose.

I'm pretty sure the melody settled in my brain the day I received a lovely comment from Cynthia @ Gherkins & Tomatoes. She mentioned me as one of her favorite blogs in a post titled The Gifts of Food Bloggers. You can just imagine my excitement! Thank you again, Cynthia:)

A self-proclaimed “Bibliochef,” Cindy is a well seasoned writer who loves to cook. Her deep understanding of culinary history beckons to be read in each and every one of her posts. One of my favorite recent posts of hers is titled, Fruitcake, Fermentation by Another Name. Cynthia is currently researching early Virginian culinary history. I look forward to her revelations. In the mean time, Enjoy:)

Not one to often imitate, Mae, from Mae's Food Blog, initiated a list of favorites of her own. Wonders of wonders, Months of Edible Celebrations was honored to be included on that list also. The chant grew louder in my head. "Make new friends...keep the old...One is silver...the other gold..."

Have you "met" Mae? I haven't outside of the blogosphere but I sure would like to. I get the impression, Mae doesn't mince words. Her thoughts on all things food related are usually garnished with a dash of wit and an abundance of knowledge. A favorite post of yours truly is titled; Stand Facing the Stove. While discussing Anne Mendelson's Stand Facing the Stove: The Story of the Women Who Gave America The Joy of Cooking, Mae approaches the pros and cons of the book in a most discerning way. As a cookbook collector, dependable blog cookbook reviews are greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Mae:)

"The discovery of a new dish does more for human happiness than the discovery of a new star."

When it comes to friends as well as recipes, there are more similarities than you might think. Much like a trusted friend, a reliable recipe is worth its weight in gold. Tried and true, one is comforted by the harmonious mixture of ingredients and the unconditional results. That same recipe shines in agreement when introduced to a new "wassailer."

Today, in the spirit of the season of silver and gold, I would like to share with you a few of the new bloggers I would like to call my new blog friends. Tomorrow I will revisit some of my golden "oldies." I'm confident those blogging friends not mentioned will understand:)


One way to precipitate an introduction is to dive right in. Believe me, that's what I wanted to do the first time I "met" Kate from Serendipity. Not only did she conger up Fancy Pants Potatoes, she encouraged playing with your food. I mean really, with a name like Serendipity you know throwing caution to the wind is more than acceptable. Indeed it was and I haven't looked back. (except for today to make sure I had the right link:) Today just happens to be the last day of Kate's Double Truffle Give-away which she kicked off for Chocolate Week. It will only take you a minute to enter and while you're there, be sure and visit her guided tour of a Belgium Chocolate Shop. Heavenly!

Another great way to "meet" a new blogger is by "formal" introduction. That's how I "met" Marjie. I was craving a bit of whimsy one day so I paid a visit to Miranda from A Duck in her Pond. She happened to have a guest that day. It was Marjie from a Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet. After they chatted for a while I knew I had to hop on over to introduce myself. As luck would have it, Marjie was instrumental in my meeting Channon my Pampered Chef contact for the Pizza Party. Right off the bat I knew I was going to have to get to know Chan. After all, Chan knits. To me, that's quite impressive. I can't even sew no less knit. And, she knits beautifully. Chan also has two of the most adorable puppies. She actually has me thinking, I'm ready to adopt! On my last visit, although I didn't drop her a note, yet, the girls were outside investigating the Irony of the "white stuff" outside. It looks like Chan is snowed in just like me! All are welcomed visitors to Months of Edible Celebrations.

I think the most refreshing way to meet a new blogger is through email. I love reading the comments others leave on blogs they visit, so subscribing to their comments is often entertaining. Often, a new comment catches my eye and I feel compelled to "meet" that person. That's what happened when I read a comment Ken left @ Karen's blog. You'll meet Karen tomorrow. She's an "old" friend of golden status:) Intrigued, I hopped on over to Ken Albala's Food Rant just in time for Duck Season. I LOVE duck! I've been awfully busy this past week but I will definitely be going back to Ken's. Not only is he a Food Historian at the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, he is also the author of quite a few books on culinary history. His blog is unpretentious and downright fun!

I'm always looking for new ways to dress up my blog. Sure, I get stimulating fashion lessons from my own personal fashionista; Sher. (As you know, I'm pretty much a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal) Sher, who hosts the blog Fashion After Forty has drawn me into the 21st century little by little with her own personal style and humorous prose. Thanks Sher! I'm also on a mission to improve my food styling. I plan on cooking next year. Yes, that will include me taking pictures of what I actually cook. For that reason and for the simple love of seeing what others create, I've recently started following Food with Style. You "pros" out there really need to check it out too. I haven't been there much this week so I'm only surmising here but it appears Food with Style is a place to upload your works of art for the world to drool over. The interesting thing is, they link your "tablescape" back to your post. How cool is that!

Every now and again, a girl needs a bit of technical help. Like knights from the blogosphere, I happened upon Jim and Sire. I officially "met" Jim on twitter. I say officially because little did I know at the time that Jim was my lost bookmark. I had been going to his Blogging Tips and Tricks website pretty much since I started blogging. I think I may have even had his link in my sidebar at one time. Anyway, I was sure I had his website in my bookmarks but I'm thinking one day when I went on a decluttering bookmark rampage, I deleted him. I assure you, that will never happen again. Jim, speaks my language. His posts are not intimidating. I actually understand what he is trying to convey and I never feel like he thinks I'm a "dummie" blogger. His latest post, on installing Wordpress themes is one I may be soon referring to. I must make one more comment here. I don't know about you but I have the terrible habit of not commenting as much as I probably should on other blogs not talking food. I'm sure, a simple thank you couldn't hurt. Actually, that's how I "met" Sire. Sire claims to be blogging for "fame and glory." Perhaps, but, Sire has much to offer when it comes to promoting your blog. He offers a wealth of information and I can tell you from personal experience, he has mucho patience. Oh, you may not think that when you first "meet" the man from Australia. I suppose the title of his blog gives just a little bitty hint. It called WassupBlog. His latest post is titled Global Helping Hands for Bloggers Day. An event this girl missed. Sire is also a talented poet. I've been trying to get over to his blog to catch up on his poems. Maybe tomorrow:) Speaking of tomorrow, it was Sire who suggested that I sometimes "break" my posts up into two days. Honesty and constructive criticism are always welcomed:) I just may do that today! Sire also highly recommends the FlexSqueeze theme for Wordpress. His blog is a living example of its virtues.

It Snowed!

Heeding Sire's advice, I will be posting the "Golden Oldies" early tomorrow morning. As of this moment, my humble abode is blanketed in snow. I can't get out either of my doors and I have to step on my tippy toes to see out my window. Granted, I'm "petite" but I'm telling you, it's hard to decipher where the snow ends and the sky begins. And, wouldn't you know it, the shovel is in the garage! I may just have to begin with a big ol' soup spoon!

This is a picture looking out my front door. If you look real close, (click to enlarge) you can see the tennis courts in the background. The net poles are nearly buried. It was so windy last night the trees are barely covered. I suppose I should be thankful they're still standing and after all today is Sunday. This snow on a Monday morning would have been a nightmare!


  1. What an honor, Louise! I actually just saw my little silver vehicle shoot up the drive, so it seems the Knight has been HARD at work. We can open three doors, have clear paths from two, and two of our vehicles could take to the roads... if the roads were plowed.

    Now, honored as I am, if you'll excuse me, I have to scoot back and follow a few links. The first "click" - of course - will be to the VA culinary historian at work...

  2. Thank you very much Louise, I'm thrilled to have you as a reader! I very much appreciate what you said about me. And yes, you are right, I do tend to speak my mind, although IRL (in real life) I make a slightly greater effort to be tactful.

    Have a great holiday season!

    Mae of maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Louise, I am honored to be one of your new "Silver" friends! I never got the friendship badge in Girl Scouts, either, for the same reasons as you didn't, but that doesn't make their little rhyme any less valid. You got much more snow than we did, and since my kids were returning from college this weekend, I'm grateful for that. I am happy to have met you, always enjoy your posts, and your great food history stories, and look forward to becoming better bloggy friends as time goes on.

    Merry Christmas, with cyber hugs from the northeast corner of the state, and a big slobbery doggy kiss from Thor!

  4. They're calling it the Blizzard of 2009! I have never lifted so much snow, or maybe my arms are just easily tired! A good time to stay in and get reaquainted with blogging friends!

  5. Thank you Louise! I consider you a new friend too! I know you guys got hit from the snow before us and we have almost as much as you. I'm posting a couple pics tomorrow.

  6. Wow Thanks Louise for mentioning me. I really appreciate it :) A Knight well I don't know thats a pretty heavy suit to carry. Especially after a day of shoveling this snow. Hey my shovel is still warm do you need a hand shoveling?

    I like the song. Make new Friends and keep the old. You have made a new friend. I will be back visiting.

    Thanks again I really flattered that you mentioned me.

    Happy Holidays!


  7. I'm not liking the snow...but I'm LOVING the bloggie love you are sending out! Or blog badges, so to speak...You have quite an eclectic read! I'll make sure to check out each of them! I already know Miranda, though. She's awesome. I envy whoever who would have her as a mommy !

  8. Thank you so much Louise for the kind words. I'm so glad that I was able to help you in some small way.

    Needless to say I never became a Girl Scout, but I'm sure if I did I would have made a good, if not somewhat strange, one. :D

    Must check out that Blogging Tips site. Always into learning something new.

  9. Louise, thank you for posting such an interesting group of bloggers! I"m honored to be included. Yes, I DO play with my food. It makes it so much more fun! I"m glad I found you. Or that you found me. I forget how it happened. I should probably just say that I"m glad we found each other!

    Happy holidays from snowy Belgium. Keep warm!

  10. Hi Louise,

    Thank you for the mention, it really made my day, which had been quite snow stormy! Love your posts, my recent favorite being the Lottie Moon story. Wonderful! I even ordered the book.

  11. I, too, was a GS and love this song. I often refer to my friends as silver and gold. I love your post, and even though I'm not much of a cook, I am an eater! So, I have learned lots from you.

  12. Hey Louise, Here's some more silver for you. Hoping someday it transforms by the alchemy of friendship to gold. Do let's stay in touch. Your friend, Ken

  13. On the contrary Channon, the honor is all mine. It's been a pleasure meeting you. I can already see you and Cindy comparing Virginia notes. I now can open both doors also and the paths are cleared. The snow is so high after digging I got a sudden urge to make a snow fort!

    LOL Mae, I've been accused of speaking my mind IRL as well. The way I figure it, I've earned it! I'm a bit more conservative online because words without actions can sometimes be misunderstood. I love to pop over to your blog. I'm never disappointed! You have a GREAT holiday season also.

    Hi Marjie. Please tell Thor! that was the best kiss ever! I must introduce Thor to Iggy. Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that you were a Girl Scout too Marjie. Eventually, scouting did manage to withdraw me from my shell, barely. I'm so glad your kids made it home safely. I think one of the reason why I decided to live in PA was because both kids were students at Penn State. I look forward to our blogging time together and I can't wait till we play the picnic game again. It was such FUN!!! I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas Marjie.

    Hi T.W. New 12 reported this blizzard topped the one from 1978. I remember making a snow fort with the kids back then. Now, as I look out the window, I wish the kids were here so we could make a snow fort again...

    Hi Sher, I'll be popping over to take a look at those pics later. At least today the sun is shining!

    Hi Jim! Thanks for the offer of the warm shovel. To my surprise, a couple of the guys who work for me showed up at my door step ready and willing to dig me out. How cool is that. Those guys:) Drop by any time. Have a wonderful holiday!!!

  14. great site on gold and silver!


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