Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Remembering Star Wars

On May 25, 1977, Star Wars hit the theaters with such force that even today, May 25, 2010, Time notes it as one of the 80 Days That Changed the World. Surprisingly, today is not Star Wars Day. Nope, I missed that day, accidently on purpose. You see, May 4th is/was Star Wars Day. Oh, I don't know, it has something to do with a play on the words, "May the force be with you." Apparently, on May 4th, the "go to" farewell is..."May the fourth be with you." For those in the know, today is also Geek Pride Day. Beats the heck out of me!

I know, I know, I must live under a rock. I know about as much about Star Wars as I do about, let's see...the man in the moon. Wait, I know more about him, at least he's made of cheese. Isn't he? However, and that's a titanic however, my husband was a huge Star Wars fan. Humongous I tell ya! I didn't have to deal with trekki kids, they were too young. Nor did I have to deal with the perils of Luke, Han Solo and Princess Leia. I had to grapple with George. If memory serves me correctly, I do believe he had his very own lightsaber.

The Star Wars Cookbook

When my son, John, gifted me with The Star Wars Cookbook; Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes, © 1998 not once did it occur to me that I would be sharing it via the web and on this blog. I thought it would sit on my bookshelf as a gentle reminder of the sweet tempered man I was married to. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to share a few recipes with you, my welcomed visitors. 

While I was leafing through the book, it occurred to me that there were probably other nebula clusters of Star War Recipes From Around the Galaxy. You know how I feel about duplicating Recipes From a Galaxy Far, Far Away, there's no sense in repeating them. Most of the recipes in this book that fall into the category of breakfast have been compiled and neatly served by none other than Mr. Breakfast, himself, with a little help from his loyal followers. So, if the kids are thinking about having a sleep over, or if your husband is panting in the the garage trying to pass this day along as just another ordinary day, surprise them all with a Skywalker Smoothie or C-3PO Pancakes with a side order of Twin Sun Toast. If you just happen to be a fan yourself, and I know you're out there, indulge yourself with Princess Leia's Danish Dos and a Sith Speeder Sunrise, cloning allowed:)

There are gazillions of Star Wars Birthday Party Ideas floating in outer space. Well, maybe not that many but, I did find a rather cool R2-D2 Cake worthy of a go. If you need further temptation, its made out of red velvet cake. There's no recipe and it's a bit challenging but it sure looks neat! Grab a glass of Blue Milk to take along.

Speaking of drinks, there are a bunch of Star Wars Drink Recipes which contain alcohol @ idrink.com and the recipe for Yoda Soda, also from the book, listed on this forum. Don't forget to check out the Dianogan Hero Sandwiches, Spicy Jedi Burgers and Sweet Skywalker Crunchy Pie while you're there. They aren't from this book but they sure do sound Star Wars like...This celebration site warns you about their recipe for Nabooli Forest, apparently a recipe reserved for Star Wars Day. They say, "Prepare for an invasion of delicious tabouli made with couscous, garlic and onion with celery stalks." I don't know where Nabooli Forest is but I sure do know what tabouli is and I LOVE it!!!

The Star Wars Cookbook, if you can find it, is naturally geared toward children. In the introduction, it warns of essential safety steps.

The kitchen is a dark realm of peace, yet danger lurks in the most ordinary-seeming places. The two most important rules to remember are: 1. keep an adult in the kitchen at all times...(Even Luke would have been toast without Ben Kenobi to guide and protect him...) and 2. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before cooking. You remember the hideous creature in Miss Eisley Cantina? (I don't but maybe you do:)

Other safety precautions include, "Respect the mysteries of the Force" and "Cultivate the awareness of a Jedi." Cute huh? The introduction ends with"

Go forth, young Jedi. May your Hoth Chocolate be sweet, may your Dark Side Salsa be spicy, and may the Force always be with you!

I was under the impression that today is also National Wine Day. It seems, Unofficial National Wine Day was yesterday. No matter, everyday is Wine Day in my book!!!