Sunday, June 20, 2010

Catching My Breath

Well, well, well, it has been quite a weekend here in Central PA. Marion and I got unexpected company from way down south and what a surprise it was!!! Okay, so the company actually arrived via Long Island, New York but the way they looked when they arrived, you would think they were traveling for days!!! The weekend is pretty much a blur right now because we were on the go since early Saturday morning. We drove the countryside, stopped at a two auctions and oh so many farm stands. We hit a car show where we devoured pulled pork sandwiches, oh yes we looked at all the cool cars too and had a ball at the Sock Hop!!! Today we went out for breakfast, again, and went to the Mud Car Races. A first for me and way cool...Tonight we feasted on barbecued brisket sandwiches which I let cook slowly all day in the crock. When we came home and opened that lid, WOW!!! (It was so simple I just threw in a can of cranberry jelly, some pineapple juice and ketchup:) Dee...licious!!! Oh yes, I made home made mac and cheese spiked with a menagerie of spicy ingredients. I do hope I remember how I did it. Yum!

Yes, busy, busy and oh what a wonderful surprise. As you can imagine, I'm pooped and Marion is out cold!!! I'm sorry I wasn't here in time to share today's special foodie days with you. I hope you didn't miss them too much:) I'm just going to leave you with today and tomorrow's for now and I'll be back on Tuesday with the rest.

June 20th

One hot day, in June of 1919 in Lodi, California an entrepreneur named Roy Allen mixed up a batch of creamy root beer and sold the first frosty mug of his delightful beverage for one nickel. The day was June 20th, the drink, A&W Root Beer®

Ice Cream Soda Day @ Slashfood

Plain Yogurt Day

National Vanilla Milkshake Day

June 21st

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, June is National Dairy Month, and the last week in June is National Cheese Week.

Today is National Peaches & Cream Day!!! I can not wait until peaches are in season this year!!!

I really do apologize for the lack of "spark" in this post. I'll see you Tuesday all bright eyed and bushy tailed. If you missed the post about the this year's Picnic Game, there's still plenty of time to choose a letter. I'm thrilled with the way it's going so far. I just know there's going to be a huge picnic basket full of goodies!!! At last count, the letters A, B, C, E, F, H, S, and T are all taken. I have lots of blogs to catch up with and tons of email to tend to also. There are still quite a few bloggers I haven't gotten to personally invite so I will be tending to that this week also. I'm also working on a surprise picnic guest post but I'm not sure if I'm quite ready for that yet. Don't forget to pass the word around about the picnic. Invite EVERYONE because, the more the merrier and we want lots of goodies in that picnic basket this year because, July is National Picnic Month!!! Nighty night...Louise:)


  1. It sounds like you have been having fun!!

    Thanks for this lovely info,..I allways learn a lot about the USA, every time I come over here!

    A lovely post too!

    Many kisses from Brussels!!!

  2. Glad you had a fun weekend, Louise!

  3. What a fun weekend! I'd like to still be at home recovering from mine...

  4. We had a peach tree in the backyard growing up and used to try to sell the peaches to neighbors. Bless their hearts!

  5. peaches and cream day comes too early--our peaches aren't quite edible yet. glad you had an eventful weekend!

  6. Hey I'm ready for national picnic month....or as yogi would say mr. ranger sir....may I have an other pic-i-nic basket!

    I'm waiting for those peaches too!!

  7. Sounds like you've had a great time! I'll skip plain yogurt day, but you can count me in for Milkshake day!

  8. It was a wonderful surprise, Sophie and we had a ball!!!

    Thanks Barbara it was nice. I'm still waiting for that Dry Martini:)

    Oh Channon I do remember those terrible Mondays. Well actually, I worked nights for nearly 20 years so every day was Monday. Or is that night, lol...

    I haven't any trees in the yard at the new house yet, duckie. I'm thinking peach and apricot. What do you think?

    Boy oh boy Grace I'm sure glad I don't make up this stuff. I would love to celebrate Peaches and Cream Day during the heart of Peach season. Heck! Who am I kidding, I'm going to!!!

    GREAT! Chef Dennis just go to the Original Post, pick a letter, wait for me to let you know if it's available and we will "see" you there!!! As Marjie says, Easy Peasy...

  9. Ditto for me Julie. It just dawned on me. I wonder if A & W has anything to do with Vanilla Milkshake Day, hmmm...

  10. hi Louise
    can I please take the letter "P"

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! I always learn loads when I visit your blog! x

  12. Now that sounds like a weekend! You sound like a remarkable hostess!


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