Saturday, April 16, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again...

This is going to be a really quick post. Why? Well, I'd like to say I'm giving all my devoted readers a break for the day, not writing a long drawn out post, but, that is not the case. You see, as I write this post I'm thinking about all the things I need to get done before I hop on the next plane to good old Blackfoot, Idaho.

That's where my darling grandchildren live and I'm off for my yearly visit. I'll be there for Tabitha's dance recital and I'm sure Noah has a few school surprises in store for me too. And, how cool is this, I will also be there for Easter this year!!!

Here's a picture of the kids from last year. You see that adorable hat on Tabi? She not only picked it out herself, but she also paid for it too!!! She's quite the fashionista:) Noah did manage to get a tie on for church but only as he was rushing to his pew, Noah loves ties, he just doesn't like wearing them much. Can't say that I blame him.

I happened upon this recipe card while I was skimming through my Betty Crocker Recipe file the other day. I'm going to stash it in my luggage with my other kiddie surprises to bring with me to Idaho. Doesn't it look festive? Hopefully, the kids and I will get around to assembling it. We'll see...

I didn't want to run off without at least leaving you a few munchies. I won't be back until the end of April but if you crave even more tidbits, you can always go to my April 18th-24th foodie listing from last year. (please excuse the lack of link checking:)

April 16

The Dagwood Sandwich was introduced to the American public on April 16, 1936. It was invented by Chic Young and featured in his comic strip Blondie. The first Dagwood consisted of tongue, onion, mustard, sardine, beans and horseradish. Over the years, the sandwich grew bigger and typically included everything "but the kitchen sink!" foodtimeline.org
Today is also National Eggs Benedict Day, one of my very best favorite brunch entrees. There are lots of rumors about the "birth" of Eggs Benedict. I intend on doing a more in depth post one day but in the mean time, if you're interested in a bit of history, check out this article in the New York Times!

April 17th

Eliza Acton was born on this day in 1799 in Sussex.

National Cheeseball Day

Happy Birthday Daffy Duck!

April 18

Animal Crackers Birthday
Although I won't be blogging while I'm away, I will be visiting every now and again. Unfortunately, the kids don't have spring recess so I will have a bit of free time. Have a GREAT weekend, Louise.


  1. Louise this is a wonderful and nice pictures, they are soooo cute love how smile, have a lovely day Louise, xxgloria

  2. Great. Now I want eggs benedict, even though I just finished my (fiber but tasty) waffle with blackberry jam...

    Have a great time!

  3. Have a wonderful trip with the grandchildren. And, to be there at Easter. Very special. Will your granddaughter have a new hat this year?

    Love the Chocolate egg...

  4. Have a safe trip, louise. And enjoy your weekend.
    Blessings, Kristy

  5. By now you must be gone to see your grandchildren. What a lovely creation that Easter Egg. Wishing you a lovely visit with your little darling. See you late Louise.

  6. Have a WONDERFUL visit with the grandkids in beautiful Blackfoot! Tell Tabi that I love her hat. I'm looking for something like that myself. I have flowers and ribbon all purchased, just need the hat in order to make my Easter bonnet this year.

  7. Hi Louise. I hope you have lots of fun over the next couple of weeks with your grandkids. They sure are a couple of cuties! Aren't grandkids the best?! Yesterday my 4 yr. old granddaughter, Lilah, made me a snack of ketchup, mustard, and raspberry yogurt, all mixed together with torn up pieces of corndog. I'm afraid I wasn't a very good grandma 'cause I couldn't bring myself to try it. She was a bit disappointed.

    Well, I hope you have a lovely Easter holiday!
    Lisa :0)

  8. Love the Easter Egg Cake, Louise! I'm planning a "fun" cake for Easter, but think vegetables! Have a great visit!

  9. Have a wonderful time with those adorable little kidlets. See you in May!

  10. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the grandkids. I'm way behind on my reading and hope to catch up soon.

  11. What fun, Louise! Have a wonderful trip and Happy Easter!!

  12. A little off topic, but just discovered National Sugar Cookie Day (since I am working on Easter cookies) and wanted to share it with someone who would appreciate it. Here is the original post: http://cathysdesignercookies.com/decorating-tutorials/national-sugar-cookie-day/

    WIsh me luck on my cookies!

  13. Hope you're having a great visit! The Easter egg is incredible!

  14. Thank you for your sweet words Gloria. We are having a blast!!!

    I wanted to post for Eggs Benedict Day in the worse way Channon. They are a personal favorite of my mine also. I must say waffles with blackberry jam sounds pretty tempting too. We're making strawberry jam tomorrow. I can't wait. The strawberries around here are absolutely gorgeous. almost too pretty to jam:)

    P.S. So glad the seeds arrived safely. Enjoy:)

    I'm having a wonderful visit, Janet. Thanks. I do hope you are enjoying your holiday season too. Yes, yes, Tabi will be selecting a new hat this year. She hasn't made her final decision as of yet.

    Thanks Kristy. "See" you soon.

    The "little darlings" are growing like weeds, Rita. Thanks for your well wishes. We are having a lovely visit...

    Tabi said thank you Pattie. She's having quite the time selecting a hat for this year. Girls will be girls I suppose...How is your bonnet choice going Tabi would like to know?

    Oh dear, Lisa. What a predicament. I'm not so sure how I would have handled the situation myself. Thank goodness children are so much more forgiving than adults.

    I do hope we get to making the Easter Egg Cake T.W. We have quite a busy schedule. Will you be sharing your "fun" cake? I hope, I hope... My curiosity has officially been piqued:) Carrot Cake, perhaps???

    You can bet on it, Marjie! They are wearing me out!!!

    Thank you Oyster. I'll have some catching up to do when I return.

    Thanks Barbara. "See" you when I get back:)

    Oh thank you so much for leaving that link Inger. You have no idea how much I truly appreciate it. I love discovering new "foodie" days especially when shared by invisible friends like you. THANK YOU!!! Good Luck with your cookies. I just know they will be tops!!!

    I had a feeling you would enjoy the concept Reeni. Of course in your creative hands it would be magnificent!!!!

  15. Hope you have a fabulous visit in Idaho, Louise! Sounds like it couldn't be anything but with those two sweet grand-babies to hang around with. Hey, before I forget, thanks for alerting me to that Kitchen Arts & Letters bookstore in NYC. You can bet your bottom dollar that the next time I make it to the Big Apple that will be my very first stop! And you know I'm not kidding! :)

  16. Aw, they are precious :D Happy Easter Louise!

  17. Have fun in Idaho... your grandchildren are so cute.

  18. Have a wonderful visit. That egg cake looks familiar and I suspect it's delicious as well. Did we ever really have the time to make those :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  19. Happy Easter! I hope you're having a good time right now. :-)

    And man, can she pull off that hat! I'm delighted by her chic fashion sense.

  20. I hope you had a lovely Easter. Your grandchildren are so sweet!

    A great recipe.



  21. It was a Happy Easter, Duckie

    I did have a fabulous time with the kids Jane. They've grown so much in a year. YOU will absolutely LOVE Kitchen Arts & Letters. The man who use to run the store was named Nach Waxman. I'm not sure if he is still there but he is/was a walking encyclopedia of cookbooks.

    Thanks, girlchef. It was wonderful spending Easter with the kids:)

    Thanks Pam.

    I would definitely have to say that egg cake would be classified as retro. And yes Mary, we did have time, then:)

    Tabi went with a bow this year, Sophia much to her mother's disappointment. Thanks for dropping by...

    We did Rosa, thanks:)

  22. Your grandchildren are adorable. And you are the coolest Grandmother!

  23. Awww, your grandchildren are so beautiful! I love the look on your grandson's face in the first picture and your granddaughter's hug in the second picture is just the best. And great recipes! I'm intrigued by the potted pepper too and may just try that. I love the lemon thyme bbq sauce also. Darn, I missed eggs benedict day - love eggs benedict! I used to make those for my husband when we were dating (well, I still do) and I think that's why he married me ;-)


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