Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Recipe and Poem for Peanut Butter Cookie Day!

I have been craving home made Peanut Butter Cookies for weeks. For me, that's pretty unusual. When requiring indulgence, I usually go for chocolate. They say your body craves what it needs. Off hand, I can't think of any reason why I should need peanut butter in any way, shape or form. And anyway, the fact is, I just can't seem to motivate myself enough to turn the oven on, not even for 10 minutes! I'm sure many of you feel the exact same way.

However, should you too get the urge for Peanut Butter cookies on National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, I thought I would drop off a recipe I found in The Peanut Butter Cookbook; from Soup to Nuts with America's Favorite Spread, by Judi & Tony Meisel, published in 1993. I also thought I'd drop off the Cooky Poem I mentioned on Gingerbread Day. It too is from the Tummy Tingles recipe booklet.

A Recipe & A Poem
1/2 cup butter
1/3 cup packed brown sugar
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
1 cup chunky peanut butter
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1-1/4 cups unbleached flour
Preheat oven 375 degrees
1. Beat butter with wire whisk until soft.
2. Gradually add the two sugars until blended and creamy in texture.
3. Beat in remaining ingredients except flour.
4. Sift the flour before measuring and then mix in.
5. Let the dough rest 10 minutes, then form into balls about 3/4-inch in diameter.
6. Place balls on a greased cookie sheet.
7. flatten slightly with the back of a fork and bake 5-10 minutes, until golden brown.
8. Remove from oven and let cool on racks before serving. Makes 2 dozen cookies.

I have a question for you. When I was taught how to bake cookies, I was told not to use a mixer or any other kind of appliance for that matter. Everything was done by hand. The creaming of the butter, which I still can remember squishing through my fingers, and yes the eggs and other ingredients was all done by hand. Has anyone else been shown to bake cookies by hand? Just curious...If so, is there a reason?

I'll be back on Wednesday, which is supposedly Spill the Salt Day. As for tomorrow, that's Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. You may remember, I posted about my klutzy escapades last year when I listed the weekly June Celebrations for the 13th-19th. If you're in need of a few suggestions to celebrate Flag Day on Tuesday, I did a rather thorough post of Flag Day recipes back in 2008. It includes a recipe for Betsy Ross Pound Cake. While I'm at it, I should mention National Lobster Day (13th) and National Strawberry Shortcake Day on the 14th!

This week the Carnations in my new garden, finally revealed themselves. Those Gillyflowers, they're so spicy and unpredictable!!! It's too bad National Carnation Day is celebrated in January, I'd love to do another post about them. Perhaps I will...

P.S. I'm getting all revved for International Picnic Day, June 18th. You know what that means, The Picnic Game! Start thinking about what letter you want. I can tell you already, the letters are going to go fast!!! More about that on Wednesday:) "See" ya then...Louise:)


  1. Peanut butter cookie day?? Must hurry and celebrate! Yay!

  2. I just reviewed your previous picnic day feasts--amazing! I will definately be checking in on Wednesday. And BTW, the peanut butter cookies look soooo good--wish I had them for breakfast here!

  3. Peanut butter is a food group in our house, for both the 2-legged and 4-legged critters. Hmmm... Might have to find time to whip up some cookies!

  4. I've mixed cookies by hand, but only the really simple ones OR if I'm too lazy to get out the mixer. Doesn't seem to make a difference.
    LOVE pb cookies. I use my old friend Ann's recipe...the criss-crosses and all. With milk, to die for.

  5. YES you do need peanut butter for a balanced diet! We bought a jar in the General Store at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon last week to keep us going on the road. No oven to threaten or tempt me!

    My mother made great peanut butter cookies too -- I think the recommendation about doing things only by hand always reflects craftsmen or craftswomen's distrust of new gadgets, which the next generation learns work just fine.

    Looking forward to picnic game ... and I DO have internet here to work with!

  6. I always enjoy your posts, and the wonderful little vintage ads and recipes! What a collection you must have. I'm curious as to how and where you store it all. I won't be crass and ask, but I am curious. ;-) Peanut butter cookie day, huh. I'd better get on the stick!

  7. I love peanut butter cookies - I'll have to try that recipe.

    Your flowers look pretty!

  8. How did I miss this?!?!? PB cookies are my fave!

  9. I have peanut butter cravings from time to time and really need a supply of pb cookies in my freezer. Your carnations look lovely!

  10. gorgeous pictures! those cookies look perfect!

  11. Now if I had a green thumb, I would certainly plant a cookie tree - forget all that spinach! The carnations look lovely, Louise!

  12. Oh! Peanut butter cookie day? I am glad that my husband did not know about it...otherwise I'd not hear the end of it :-)
    I remember last year picnic ;-)
    Have a wonderful week Louise!

  13. Wow, a PB cookie day! Boo, I missed it! I do like PB cookies, so long as it's not too sweet, and it MUST have the criss-cross decoration on top.

    Such beautiful carnations! Love the deep hue of that pink!

  14. I crave PB cookies all the time! Those look delicious.

    What pretty carnations! A flower I have always loved.



  15. I have never heard of that before - the mixing with the hands. And I would never turn down a PB cookie - such yumminess!

  16. Hi Louise, I saw your comment about the picnic game but I'm away for the weekend to catch up with a friend - a "girls' weekend"! So I'll be back to check it out when I return. Have a great weekend!

  17. Thanks for stopping, yummy. enjoy your cookies:)

    I sure could use a few Peanut Butter cookies right now, Inger.

    The "girls" like peanut butter, Chan? That thought tickles my funny bone:)

    Criss Crosses on peanut butter cookies are the ONLY way to go Barbara. I often think about the delicious peanut butter cookies we got with our school lunches. I do believe they were the best. If only I knew the recipe...

    I'm going to check some old baking cookbooks when I get a chance Mae. I may even do an experiment trying both methods. I'm delighted you're going to be able to play the picnic game. It's going to be such FUN!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, Pattie. I do have a tendency to get carried away:) As for my collection, it's pretty organized, considering. The hardcover books are housed on shelves, and the booklets and advertising leaflets are contained in large binders in acid free sleeves and categorized according to the months of the year.

    Thanks Pam.

    Blame it on me, Ducky:)

    You shuld see those Carnations now, Lisa. They've exploded into a pink frenzy of spicy goodness. I swear it seems like the entire garden is filled with Carnations!!!

    Thanks SimpleLife

    I'm working on it, T.W. but I'm afraid the closets I'll get is to growing an Ingredient Tree:)

    Not to worry, Juliana there's tons of other peanut butter days and an entire month devoted to peanut butter, I believe in October!!!

    Absolutely must have the criss cross, Sophia. I agree totally!!!

    They smell awesome, Rosa. Unbelievable actually...

    I'm thinking it was the only way to go before all those fancy kitchen appliances, Reeni but, I'm going to do further research and perhaps one day post my findings. Or not:)

    You do the same Lin Ann. We'll "see" you when you return:)

  18. I really love those pink flowers. They seem to be cheering up the place.
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  19. The Pink flowers are Carnations Grace. They are my very best favorite flower. Too bad I will have to wait to see them again for a few months. Their aroma is spicy and sweet at the same time. Thank you so much for dropping by...


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