Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pancakes or Doughnuts; It's Shrovetide

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to Kick Off Pancake Week!!! That's right folks Pancake Week is upon us and Fat Tuesday is just two sunny days away. You know what that means, Party Time!!!

As some of you may have already guessed, this blog is no stranger to Pancake Week, or Pancake Day celebrations for that matter. I've posted Dutch Babies,

a Pancake Layer Cake,

And of course, Shrovetide Tidbits & Delicacies.

So you see, both Pancake Week and Pancake Day are "covered so to speak:) But, just in case I've missed anything, here's a little pancake "ditty" I found in the Tummy Tingles booklet endorsed by the Wheat Institute.

As I was driving down the road yesterday, on my way to Katie's Greenhouse, I passed this sign along the road.

In Pennslvania Dutch country, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, is celebrated as Fastnacht Day.

In Germany and in sections of America settled by Germans, Shrove Tuesday is called Fastnacht, Eve of the Fast. The rich foods used in England to make pancakes were transformed in German communities to FastnachtKuchenor, more commonly in this country, fastnachts-rectangular-shaped doughnuts.

Fastnacht has been an important day for the Pennsylvania Germans, and a number of customs arose in connection with it. In some areas the last one out of bed on Shrove Tuesday was called a Fastnacht. The fat in which the doughnuts were fried was used to grease the wheels of the wagon in belief that it stopped destruction caused by rats, mice, and insects. Fastnacht lard was rubbed on the sore udders of cows. It was applied to wounds, and garden instruments were coated with it to protect the vegetables from bugs. Failure to eat Fastnachts on Shrove Tuesday could be highly dangerous, causing failure in the flax crop, an attack of the boils, the inability of the family chicken to hatch eggs, and general bad luck. In like manner, eating Fastnachts would bring good luck and be helpful in filling out the heads of cabbage.

There were also quite a few work taboos. If you sewed on Shrove Tuesday, the chickens would lay no eggs; or if you cut yourself while wielding an ax, the wound would not heal. The Complete Book of American Holidays by Robert J. Myers and the editors of Hallmark Cards. ©1972

I'm hoping to devour a couple of servings of these donuts on Shrove Tuesday. I know what you're thinking, they look more like Pączki. That's fine by me!

It wouldn't be fair for me to "eat in front of you," so here is a recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon Doughnuts from Taste of Home's Prize Winning Chocolate Recipes.

Lest we forget, February 20th is National Cherry Pie Day! And, Toothpick Day! That's right everybody, the first machine for the manufacturing of toothpicks, was patented on February 20, 1872, by Silas Noble and J.P. Cooley, of Granville, Massachusetts. See you all here on Wednesday just in time for National Margarita Day. In the mean time, I have some blog visiting to catch up on:) Enjoy, Louise:)

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