Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's August!

Hi Everyone! Before you think I've been amongst the missing, let me explain. It's been like a whirl wind around here!!! A few of Marion's relatives surprised us this weekend and let me tell you, not only was it wildly wonderful, I'm pooped!!!

A good kind of pooped but none the less...Which wouldn't be bad but to add to the "pleasure" I'm working on a deadline this week for a special surprise I have in store for my five year blogging anniversary in October and the deadline, well, the deadline is/was today! Not to worry, I'll stay up nights if I have to to get it done, yawn:)

So, if you don't mind, I'm going to make the first day of August a short one in the blogging world and a loooong one on work. Of course, there must be a lotta sweetness too!!! So in honor of August being National Brownie Month and National Brownie for Brunch Month, (don't ask me but if you follow the sidebar you may get some answers:) I've got a few goodies for you!!!

First up we have two brownie recipes from Hershey's:


And they are...Rocky Road Brownies (those with the marshmallows) and Mississippi Mud Brownies (the ones I wish I were devouring right now:)

I was thinking. Perhaps we need something with a little bit more oomph...let's say Kahlua...

And that would be...a recipe for Kahlua Fudge Brownies

Before I run, I wanted to mention a few tasty treats for the first few days of August. Take today for instance. Not only is August 1st, National Cream Pie Day, it is also the day lawyer and inventor Henry Drushel Perky and William H. Ford received US patent #502,378 for a "Machine for the Preparation of Cereals for Food." The cereal biscuit they had in mind was to be called Shredded Wheat!

August 2nd sandwiches on by because it is Ice Cream Sandwich Day. (yes, we did just lick our way through National Ice Cream Month in July but one can never have too much ice cream in these dog days of summer now can one? Martha Stewart happens to share her birthday, August 3rd, with National Watermelon Day. Why Watermelon Day is in August when we just finished celebrating National Watermelon Month in July is beyond me but hey, who am I to argue. I just post it as I see it:) I suppose one can never have too much watermelon these blistering days either:)

Well, that should hold you over until Saturday. My plan is to make it back in time for National Mustard Day, August 4th but just in case I don't, this link will take you to my National Mustard Day Board on Pinterest and I will definitely be back on Sunday. Enjoy, Louise