Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garden Day Sunday

Good morning:)

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott

Today isn't really Garden Day. Actually, it's National Grand Marnier Day. I just didn't feel like imbibing in any alcoholic beverages this morning. I thought it might be just a tad healthier to take in some garden pictures. It's been a while and after all, we just celebrated National Piña Colada Day and National Daiquiri Day is a hop, skip and a jump away. (July 19th:) Anyway, I'm off to a new flea market today and you know what they say about drinking and driving; don't!

Canterbury Bells

The Silver Moon Flea Market is about an hour away from where I live and I just found out about it when I was getting my hair cut the other day. According to Kelly, the girl who cuts my hair, "it's a spectacular flea market filled with all kinds of goodies!" I sure could use a sunny flea market day because it seems like it has been raining for weeks around here. The forecast looks promising:)

Two weeks ago the rain came down in buckets, or it seemed anyway. The entire yard was flooded. It was like I was on my own little island. Thank goodness the water receded almost as quickly as it came.

I had some clean-up in the garage but I was more than thankful to say no thank you to the local fire department when they came to see if I needed the basement pumped. Whew! It was close. My "pretend" turtle seemed to enjoy it though:)

The garden has been going on about its daily business of growing and blooming. This is the view from the back.

Do you remember the Tree Lilies from last year? Marion just had to have them. As promised in the catalog, they seem to be growing more than a foot a year.

One day they will be taller than me. They are already taller than Marion but she's all of four foot:) I'm almost 5'2' and shrinking fast, lol...

Not only do they look heavenly as they umbrella most all of the other plants in the garden, their scent is simply intoxicating.

There's a "plain ol'" lily in front of the shed too. However, it's neither plain or old. We just planted it last year and it seems quite comfortable in a container underneath the former robin's nest headquarters. We haven't decided if it should join the others in the garden.

There hasn't been as many butterflies as usual in the garden this year. I was talking to one of the local landscapers in the neighborhood and he was telling me the reason may be because we had a late Spring freeze. I wasn't here for it because I was in Idaho with Michele and the kids.

The bees are out in droves though, always a good thing if you learn to just let them go about their business:) Hopefully, the Monarchs will lay some eggs in the Milkweed this year. How could they resist those cushions of orange?

Last year I transplanted one teeny tiny Bronze Ornamental Fennel in the back of the garden. It grew and it grew! Not only did it grow, it seeded little baby Ornamental Fennels all around its base. I'm going to leave them for now but I can tell already they are going to need new homes. Oh where, oh where? I love this picture of the Ornamental Fennel. I just took it yesterday right after it rained, again:) I can't even begin to describe the aromas you encounter as you approach the garden. It's truly amazing!!! (there are so many more fragrant plants I can't even show you now:)

As you can imagine, I haven't been able to "play" in the garden as much as usual. Quite frankly, my heart hasn't been in it this year and the weather certainly hasn't helped. The last health "report" I received from my sister Maria was a bit of a day brightener. She's been out in Idaho with Michele and the kids for the last month. She reassures me that Michele is doing as well as can be expected and that her spirit is still positive. She is done with the first round of chemotherapy and will be starting her next round of chemo treatments mid August. There will be four more of those which should end, good Lord willing, at the end of September. The doctors have been working diligently keeping her blood count up but, her body doesn't seem to be cooperating. Maria told me she's been cooking up a storm hoping that Michele will find something that agrees with her and build up those white blood cells. Finger crossed and prayers welcome:)

Tabitha and Noah are handling things well. Maria said when she isn't cooking with the kids, she's playing with them! They stopped at a local Mexican restaurant to get a bite to eat after a day at the water park. I'm sure Maria was delighted to just "chill."

As for "we" folks in Pennsylvania, we don't have much choice but to sit back and listen to the rain. As soon as there is a glimmer of sunshine, we head out to the fountain for a quick dip! Well, the birds do anyway:)

Thank you for joining me this Garden Sunday. Hopefully I'm at the Flea Market buying all kinds of goodies. Who knows, I may just be going back to Idaho in the next coming weeks and I don't think I'll be going to any flea markets while I'm there:) Have a wonderful day everyone, Louise.