Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to the Fifth Annual International Picnic Day Celebration in honor of National Picnic Month

Hi everyone! Welcome to the fifth annual International Picnic Day Celebration!

Those of you who are just arriving, let me show you around. Here you will find a gathering of dishes from across the world in hope that you will scatter your blankets about and join in on the fun.

For those of us who live in the U.S., July is National Picnic Month. However, way back in the middle of June, a group of picnickers from across the world began celebrating International Picnic Day by choosing letters of the alphabet in preparation of our annual virtual Picnic Game. You will learn more about the Picnic Game as you tisket and tasket your baskets from blog to blog. Today we share in the fruits of our labor. enjoy

A-Aloo Gobi

Toted by Mae

although mae was going to be abroad while we were planning the picnic game this year, she didn't want to miss out on the fun:)

B-Blueberry Cucumber Salsa

Toted by Chan

I asked Channon if she would bring her "girls" to the picnic once again this year. she was more than happy to tote something they too could enjoy:)

C-Crispy Curry Fried Chicken

Toted by Joyce

Joyce is a picnic game player from way back. when we were stumped for the letter zee, joyce rose to the challenge. she also brought two other dishes for us all to enjoy. yes, three in all!

D-Dying for Chocolate Chocolate Cake

Toted by Janet

Janet is a veteran picnic game guest. For our first picnic Janet brought along, Chocolate Cherry Pie:) she has been promoting the picnic game on twitter tirelessly.

E-Eton Mess

Toted by Tina

looking for goodness in simplicity. tina is your girl:)


Toted by Heather

Heather has been playing the Picnic Game since 2009. Her first basket treats were Warm Sweet Potato Biscuits

G-Golden Pillow Hee Ban

Toted by Kristy

Ah kristy. Kristy was instrumental in my decision to play the picnic game once again this year. when I told her I was thinking of bowing out for personal reasons, she offered to hold the annual picnic over at her place. Thank you, Kristy:)

H-Hummingbird Cake

Toted by Ginger

Ginger is new to the Picnic Game. Give her a big warm welcome:)

I-Ice Cream Sandwiches

Toted by Inger

Inger would not settle on any ol' ice cream sandwiches for the picnic game. failure was not an option!

J-Jersey Hot Dogs

Toted by Nee

Nee was so excited to join us for the first time that she whipped up two picnic baskets treats. Can you find her other goodie?

K-Kahlua Mocha Ice Cream

Toted by Joyce

L-Light & Soft Japanese Cheesecake

Toted by Lena

lena is always an inspiration at the picnic game. she is also a stickler for perfecting her cheesecake:)


Toted by Kathy

leave it to kathy to remember the cookies! last year's Limoncello Biscotti were a huge success!

N-Nettle Quinoa Tart

Toted by Kit

last year kit was so worried about being late for the picnic, of course she wasn't last year or this:)

O-Oriental Pasta Salad

Toted by Chaya

Chaya is always willing to lend a helping hand. She too contributed two dishes to our picnic basket.

P-Pan de Mango

Tote by Chaya

Q-Quinoa Pizza Balls

Toted by Johanna

johanna always worries about being late for the picnic. she wasn't taking any chances this time. she chugged right along:)

R-Rainbow Connection Cupcakes

Toted by Yummy

yummy was inspired by the Muppet Picnic Cookbook I posted for international picnic day; june 18th. she got me to thinking that perhaps next year we should have a theme based virtual picnic game. what do you think?

S-Strawberry Yogurt Ice Cream

Toted by Gloria

gloria's enthusiasm for the picnic game is absolutely contagious. when I was undecided about playing the picnic game this year, for personal reasons, gloria sent along all her support in favor of going for it! she also toted two dishes. check out the letter vee:)

T-Telosma Cordata Eucheuma Jelly

Toted by Ivy

Ivy, another newcomer to the picnic game, was more than happy to make sure we had two healthy doses of goodness at the picnic. see the letter y:)

U-U-Never Fail Cheesecake

Toted by Zoe

Zoe changed up the title of her cheesecake when we realized we had two letter ens. quite fitting as you will see:)

V-Vanilla & Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Toted by Gloria

W-Watermelon Sorbet

Toted by Nee

X-Xtra Good Walnut Apple Cake

Toted by Cheah

the letter x is usually difficult to tote to the picnic game. cheah, a new comer to the picnic, came up with this solution. Not bad huh?

Y-Yakon Kelp Soup

Toted by Ivy

Z-Zucchine in Padella con Aceto e Peperoncino

Toted by Joyce

Each and every year that I host the virtual Picnic Game here at Months of Edible Celebrations, I am astonished by how the rhythm of planning and deciding pulsates across the world. Then the worrying begins; will Aunty Sally be late again, I wonder how little Bertha is getting along after her injury. Should I bring A: my trusty "go to dish" or B: should I surprise everyone with something new and perhaps create a picnic tradition.

In every sense of the word, our picnic is a gathering of community encompassed in sharing and caring. Whether it be up "close and personal" or virtual, it doesn't matter. And that in itself just proves that harmony is the key:)

Thank you all for celebrating the spirit of picnicking with us. We loved having you and we truly hope you enjoy our smorgasbord of goodies. Louise

If you would like to save the Picnic Game goodies to your Pinterest boards, please pin from the source. Due to circumstances beyond my control, the Picnic Game Music from Playlist had to be deleted. It seems they changed their website beginning July 1st. So sorry:( Thanks, Louise