Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How To Run a Successful Party 1945 Style

Exactly one week from today, we will once again be digging out our favorite picnic recipes, choosing letters of the alphabet and kicking off the annual Picnic Game! That’s right everyone, next Wednesday, June 18th is International Picnic Day! Are you ready yet?

No, me either. Yesterday while I was sitting around doing nothing, because, of course, I’m still pretty immobilized, I decided to look through my June binder of recipe booklets for picnic party ideas. And, look what I found!

This is no ordinary How To Run a Successful Party book. Noooooooo, this booklet, which was published in 1945, features a “secret” ingredient to having a successful party. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed donuts, you would be sooooooooooo right! Now, I’d love to share every single page with you because as you will see, this booklet is a hoot!

However, time is of the essence, so well be skimming right over to “The Most Popular Donut Games for All Ages.” Can you imagine us sitting around on our picnic blankets playing Pass-The-Donut, lol??? Or what about Pin The Dunk-EE?

Wait, there’s more!!! I do believe the Donut Nose-Pushing Race just may be the solution. We may need to set up our “table” on the grass, unless of course someone feels like toting along an actual picnic table but, I bet we could pull it off, lol…Or, we could play the Dunking Relay Race. I wouldn’t mind sitting on the sidelines taking pictures of all of you:)

The Kick-Off to the annual Picnic Game may be a week away, but as you can see, I’m already getting all geared up to play. Are you? Since many of you have played the Picnic Game before, I decided it wasn’t necessary to repeat the “rules” today. If anyone has any questions, or if you have never played the Picnic Game before, just leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions in the post next Wednesday when we begin our celebration of International Picnic Day and the kick-off to the Picnic Game by choosing our letters. You can also take a look at last year’s International Picnic Day post which not only features The Muppet Picnic Cookbook, it also explains how to play.

In the mean time, I found this recipe for Jalapeño Cole Slaw that I would love for someone to bring to the Picnic, hint, hint, lol…

Have a wonderful rest of the week everyone and I’ll “see” you all on Saturday for a special Flag Day post:)

P.S. Tomorrow is Peanut Butter Cookie Day!