Sunday, June 29, 2014

Picnic Game: U-Uninvited Smashed Potatoes

I was going to title them, unappetizing smashed potatoes. Smashed as opposed to mashed because I used a masher which really smashes rather than mashes. Got it? However, immediately after I saw my camera’s rendition of these enfoiled (is that even a word?) spur of the moment potatoes, I thought to myself, “not camera worthy” (do you do that too when you take pictures to post?) And certainly not picnic worthy because, their name didn’t begin with the letter U, the only poor lonesome letter that was not invited to the Picnic Game. (officially that is:) Uninvited! No, no, no, we can’t have a letter uninvited to the Picnic Game! The only time we didn’t have all the letters overflowing our baskets was the very first Picnic Game. My “lame” attempt at including all the letters back then went something like this:

Y-The Alphabet Picnic Game basket is full.

I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing…YOU!

Zee-Zipped up the leftovers and ran. A fun time was had by all!

Hence, we have me toting the letter U with Uninvited Smashed Potatoes! Another futile attempt I’m afraid:)

I suppose you want the recipe now? Well, since I didn’t know I was packing a basket of said Uninvited Smashed Potatoes, there really isn’t a recipe per se. Here’s what I did:

I boiled yellow potatoes, let them cool just a tad, seasoned them with sea salt and lemon pepper, (love the stuff) grabbed some Ranch Dressing out of the fridge, which by the way was nearly empty) Splashed that in, added some mayo, (Hellmann’s girl here:) And smashed away. I was actually trying to create some sort of “smashy” form but I didn’t want to mash them so I was careful mixing the whole together. (now do you know why my shoulder is taking ever so long to mend) When it was to my liking, shape wise that is, I grated some cheddar (pretty much because that’s all I had:) and topped it off. I then carefully picked up sections and plopped them down in an aluminum tray to stay warm and melt the cheese on the barbecue. The lamb chops on the barbecue were almost done when I finally got the potatoes out there so, they didn’t really get melty, melty:) (you know what they say about cold lamb:) How were they? Well, Marion loved them! However, in all honesty, that lady loves to eat:) As for me, I thought they were okay. I like the concept, I just haven’t figured out the “science” yet. Perhaps you’ll have some suggestions when I bring them to the Picnic Game!

By now you should all have the letters you’re toting to the Picnic Game. Since I have lots to do before the Picnic Game Round-up, I’m just going to thank you all again and be off preparing. Whether you were able to “play” or not, you are all welcome to join in on the festivities on Tuesday, July 1st when we kick off National Picnic Month with the Picnic Game Round-Up! There’s tons of delicious food, a few surprises and comfy blankets strewn all over the world! “See” you then, Louise:)