Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Garden Tuesday-Catching Up

Wow! I just checked back a few posts and it has been about three weeks since my last post for Garden Tuesday. Lots has happened in the garden since then. However, before we begin, look at this! Have you ever seen clouds like these before???

When I first spied these colorful clouds in the sky, I thought my eyes were deceiving me:) Thank goodness I just happen to have my camera with me. That night, while I was watching the evening news, Tom, our weatherman in these parts, explained that many had seen these same iridescent clouds. Thank goodness, I thought. He called them Fire Rainbows, not that they are made from fire, nor are they rainbows. I call them Rainbow Clouds. Pretty cool huh?

There hasn’t been as much activity in the flower garden this year. I don’t know if I’ve lost my greenish thumb or Mother Nature has been off her game. (like all mothers, she’s allowed once in a while:) I’m thinking it’s me. Remember my “new” chairs? Well, they have since been planted with vines that don’t seem to be vining very much. I must admit, my compost pile has been severely neglected while I’m still resting my shoulder and toe. (yes, it has taken quite a while but I’m almost back to full speed:) I’m going to leave them be for this year and just go with it!

The rest of the garden seems to be flourishing but to my eye, quite a few plants just didn’t make it though the Winter. I haven’t given up though. Who knows, perhaps they took a long sleep this year and will return next year:) I did have the Heather removed though and have since planted Gladiolus. Glads are the flower of August so who knows, I may make it. You can’t see them in this picture because they are in the back of the garden. (you can barely see them back there too)

Since my regular Carnations didn’t return this year, I went to one of my favorite plant stops and picked up these Datura.

And I just could resist these Hollyhocks, hey it was buy two get one free:)

I’ve only seen the rabbit a couple of times however, the Chipmunk has no problem making his or her presence known.

I don’t know who these three Daisy like flowers are and where they came from. I will definitely be saving seeds from them though. Aren’t they “purty?”

If you have been a regular visitor to my garden, you might remember that I’m pretty haphazard about planting and spreading seeds. My trusted scissor didn’t get much of a work out this Spring but it’s still in my purse just waiting to clip any flowers that crosses its path. Here’s what the back of the garden is looking like.

Last year there were so many Bees buzzing around. For some reason this year they seem to be doing a lot of hiding.

It seems the Butterfly Weeds (Asclepia tuberosa), a favorite of Monarchs, plopped itself down on it’s own in some places. This one is growing smack in the middle of the Thyme patch. I love the way it looks with the Rose Campion.

However, the Butterfly Weeds are not the only ones planting their new homes. This Ornamental Fennel plant reseeded itself right in the middle of the Butterfly Weed Patch. I really wish Carl Linnaeus would have named the Butterfly Weed something more “alluring.” It seems it is also called Pleurisy Root. Native Americans chewed the root as a cure for pleurisy. Apparently Linnaeus named it Asclepius after the Greek god of healing because of the many folk-medicinal uses for it. I know Monarchs like to lay their eggs in it. However, there haven’t been many butterflies of any kind around the garden this year. Hopefully, they will catch a glimpse of these and fly on by! (I also lost three Butterfly bushes this year. So sad…

A couple of daylily plants went right to seed without flowering. I’ve been gathering those tiny black seeds to scatter around the neighborhood next year. (I do that with Morning Glories too:) I’m actually not sure they are seeds but I think I planted some last year and now have tiny plants growing. However, I am not a very good garden diary writer so who knows what they could be and where they came from!

I just love the garden at dusk:) The Tree Lilies are just waiting to burst with color. I can not wait. It was touch and go with them for a while there but just look at them now! They are taller than me but then I’m not very tall:)

Thanks for strolling along with me this Garden Tuesday. Don’t forget to hop on over to our hostess Pam’s to see what’s going on in her garden:)Louise

1. A Rare Look at an Iridescent Cloud