Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cookbook Wednesday; Sharpen Those Knives!

Today’s Cookbook Wednesday is brought to you by the folks at the Chicago Cutlery Company. Well, kinda sorta. They don’t actually know that I’m sharing Cooking with Style with you today. We’ll just keep that as our little secret:) It’s true that Cooking with Style was published in 1984 but don’t think for a minute it’s a relic, it isn’t.

It’s brimming with garnishing ideas…

It teaches napkin folding proficiency…

And of course the Art of Carving…

None of this means a darn thing unless you hone those sharpening skills! (clicking these pictures will make them bigger:)

Of course there are recipes too:) Marion chose today’s recipe. She’s been having quite a few “demands” these days. I try to give into her requests every once in a while. After all, I’ve pretty much changed her diet over night. Not that’s she’s complaining but as Marion often reminds me, “You only live one!” Now, don’t make fun of the pictures. No matter how I tried I just couldn’t get any good shots but let me tell you, Marion loved the pie! I even tried to take a picture of her devouring a few pieces but she just wouldn’t have it! She wants you “guys” to remember her younger, lol…

Those flecks you see in the pie are bits of vanilla bean. It is a Vanilla Cream Pie after all. I saw this recipe on Pinterest for Vanilla sugar that I just had to try. I wish I hadn’t. I’ve been making vanilla sugar my way for years by simply splitting open a vanilla bean, scraping it, and mixing it with some sugar. The Pinterest recipe suggests putting the entire vanilla bean and some sugar in the food processor and whirling it up. I wasn’t happy with the results. The sugar was too fine for my liking and the vanilla bean just didn’t break down enough. I had to strain the sugar 3 times before I felt comfortable with the results. You can try it if you like but…

Here’s the recipe for Vanilla Cream Pie…or should I say Banana Cream Pie because I layered a bunch of bananas on the bottom of the pie crust before I poured in the cream filling:)

Did you notice there was no meringue on the pie? Marion didn’t want meringue. She wanted Cool Whip! It actually worked out because I used the egg whites in a new batch of Apple Ugly Cake, which by the way my son loves! He requested I make him one so he can bring it to Arkansas with him today. (Yes Iggy will be with us again this week:)

It seems I’m back to square one with the Cookbook Wednesday link-up. I’m having difficulty with my Inlinkz account. For the time being, if you would like to participate in Cookbook Wednesday, I offer you two choices. You can either include your post link in the comment section of this post OR you can email me acalenda {at} gmail {dot} com and I will add your image to this post. So sorry about this:)

In the mean time, enjoy Cookbook Wednesday, and don’t forget to Share Your Favorite AND, Wiggle Those Toes!

For those of you who haven't see our dear friend Nee around lately, she's down with the flu:( Pop by Nee's Place to wish her a speedy recovery:)

Clickable Cookbooks

It isn't often I actually share something I baked with you so I'll be sending this link over to Joyce's Cook-Your-Books:)

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