Sunday, March 1, 2015

Lion or Lamb March has Arrived

Ah, March! we know thou art
Kind-hearted, spite of ugly looks and threats,
And, out of sight, art nursing April's violets!

Helen Hunt Jackson
"If March comes in like a lion" the saying is "it will go out like a lamb;" if on the other hand, the first day of March is balmy and "lamblike," the last day is certain to be stormy." I'll take that as a positive forecast either way:)

Well, here it is everyone the new calendar for March!

March Food Celebrations | Clickable Calendar

Yes, with the exception of March 9th, Meatball Day, all of the days are clickable. As a matter of fact, some days have a couple of clicks:) If by accident you should click on Meatball Day, it will just go to my main blog. However, Meatball Day is all ready to post but we'll all have to wait for now. Just wait until you see the feast of meatballs we have. Thank you again to everyone who shared their meatballs:) If you would still like to get your link in for Meatball Day, just send me the link and I'll list them on Meatball Day with the Meatball Day graphic. (can you see it on the calendar? It looks really cool in person:)

It was such fun compiling this month's calendar. I haven't perfected it yet but I'm working on it. My experience with image maps, which this calendar is based on, is very limited. I've been using an online Image Map Generator that has been a huge help.

I had to stop myself from trying to squeeze in each and every food celebration. There are quite a few that are not on the calendar. I guess we'll just have to save them for next year's calendar. If you really, really need to know what other days and monthly celebrations there are in March, you can always review the post I did for March's celebrations here. I think there's a recipe for Grape Jelly Donuts there too. March is the month Ephraim Wales Bull, the inventor of the Concord Grape, was born:)

In Other News: I'd like to talk to you about Pinterest. As I was preparing March's calendar, it was necessary for me to go back to some previous posts. I discovered that I have been pinning to Pinterest now for nearly two years! Where has the time gone? At that time, Marion was quite the Pinterest aficionado also. She hasn't been "browsing" much these days. This Winter has really wiped her out. I'm hoping the scents of Spring in the air, when they arrive that is, will invigorate her. Fingers crossed:)

I, however, am still active on Pinterest, for the time being that is. I don't know if any of you pinners out there have been experiencing the new methods Pinterest has pretty much forced upon us; they call them Picked For You and they show up in your Pinterest feed whether you like it or not. Well, I don't like it! Like many of you, I chose my boards carefully and in my case, systematically with current food events and pins my main goal. I feel Pinterest has interfered with my plan so much so that I had considered abandoning it all together and perhaps joining Google+. However, that has changed, for now. Why? Well, I did a bit of online research to see if anyone else was feeling frustrated with their new method and it seems, quite a few people are. From the looks of it though, the folks at Pinterest have no future plans of changing their new method. I realize, like many, that at some point Pinterest needs to make money. I get it! However, I think they should go about it in a different manner. Or, at least give me the choice of opting out of their Picked For You pins which quite frankly don't do it for me most times. You can of course hide them but how annoying to go through them all to do that. (If you don't know how to hide them, let me know and I'll try to explain it:) While I was researching, I came across a post titled Remove "Picked for you" pins from Pinterest. I tried it. It worked!!! I can't tell you how thrilled I am. If you follow that link, it's pretty self explanatory. Again, if you have a problem, I can try to help. You might also want to take a look at the comments. They were very helpful. I've been using Beth's method for over a week now and haven't had any problems what so ever. As a matter of fact, I've actually been enjoying Pinterest again, which might not be such a good thing, lol...It's quite addicting. (you can see what I'm pinning at the bottom of this blog post, all the way down:)

More News: Cookbook Wednesday! Are you getting ready for Cookbook Wednesday? Marjie has done a terrific job of carrying the torch for Cookbook Wednesday for the month of February. Thank you so much Marjie:) I'll be starting up Cookbook Wednesday again this coming Wednesday. I'm so excited! I hope you all are too. For those of you who emailed me asking me to remind you about when it will be starting back up, I'll be sending out reminders either this evening or first thing Monday morning. As most of you know, there is no theme for Cookbook Wednesday. Choose a cookbook, cooking magazine or any other food related reading material and share it on Cookbook Wednesdays! Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Freeze, Cookbook Wednesday will be a regular feature until June. Why June? Well June is when we start getting ready for the Picnic Game! I can multitask as good as the next person but, the Picnic Game is an entirely different and delicious story:) For those of you who aren't familiar with the Picnic Game, you're in for quite the experience!

Thank you all for visiting today and listening to my chatter:) I hope you enjoy the calendar as much as I enjoyed compliling it. If you don't have time to go through all the days, not to worry. I've decided to use the calendar as the topper for my blog for the month of March beginning with this Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I can arrange it up there. I'm curious as to how it's going to look and what you "guys" think of it being up there. How cool will it be to visit and see the food celebration for that day right on the calendar:) Enjoy your day everyone, stay warm and safe:) Louise:)