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Cookbook Wednesday | The National Dance Week Cookbook

The National Dance Week Cookbook

As many of you know, I usually visit my daughter and grandchildren some time late April or early May. This year I ran into a couple of snags and won’t be able to go to Idaho right now. Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper. Well, not right at the moment but, come June, I will be going no matter what! (Tabitha has requested I go for my birthday:)

Since I normally visit just in time for Tabi and Noah’s dance recital, I thought today would be the ideal day to share The National Dance Week Cookbook; Barre Food with you. To be perfectly honest, I had no idea a National Dance Week even existed. (You know me, I’m all about food days, lol:) A quick visit to the website revealed that National Dance Week began on April 22nd and continues until May 1st. Well, would you look at that, today’s post just happens to coincide with the Chance to Dance initiative.

FYI: In case, like me, you’re not up on dance lingo, I’m assuming the word Barre in the title of the book is referring to the handrail dancers use for various type of exercises. The only reason why I might know this is because my daughter Michele is planning a dance room for the kids and Tabitha has requested one:)

Okay, so before I reveal some of the recipes in the book, I must show you what I will be missing at this year’s recital.

Truth be told, my time spent in Idaho is usually a whirlwind. Between the kids still attending school and all the extra curricula activities, we really don’t get much quality time together. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to baseball games, art classes, dance practice, cheer leading practice, school plays and spelling bees. However, it seems there’s a whole lotta running around to do. Whew! (I’m always worried about what’s for dinner and when is there time to eat, lol:)

The first recipe I’ve chosen to share comes from Nancy Stone, the National Chairperson for National Dance Week and the author of the book. According to Nancy, she had collected recipes for most of her life and had planned on creating a cookbook to share with close family and friends. The inspiration for The National Dance Week Cookbook came to her while scanning through a friend’s celebrity cookbook. “A light went off in her brain” and she thought she should do a cookbook using dance “Celebrity Cooks” with all profits donated to NDW “to expose and introduce as many people as possible to the enjoyment and benefits of dance…”

Here’s her recipe for Big Liz’s Pound Cake.

Big Liz's Pound Cake | Nancy Stone

Although Tabitha and Noah take their dancing very seriously, for them it’s more about having fun and the camaraderie they share with their teammates. Michele is fine with that and has “forgiven” me for exposing them to all those Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies when they were younger. (we can’t forget, Judy Garland, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth, Frank Sinatra and one of Tabi’s favorites, Audrey Hepburn. I can’t even tell you how many musicals we’ve watched through the years, lol:)

Noah is a huge fan of Gene Kelly and yes, he just loves tap dancing too.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind sharing this Healthy Jazzy Salad with Luigi, lol…as he does a hysterical impersonation of an Italian Luigi, lol…(he has taken quite nicely to a Brooklyn accent although, we’re not sure how he picked it up:)

Healthy Jazzy Salad | National Dance Week Cookbook

Tabitha is a bit more reserved. If it were up to us, we would probably spend Friday family nights watching Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly in Cover Girl. (Tabi is always in awe of the fashion and yes, the dancing also:) Tabitha is also an avid reader. Boy oh boy, does that kid read a lot! (oh no we’re not complaining one bit. Actually, in my youth I was quite the bookworm myself.)

So, when Tabitha was little and I recalled the Angelina Ballerina books, we just had to compile a list of Katharine Holabird’s Angelina Ballerina books. She has since “graduated” to young adult books, lol…(she also enjoys reading anything to do with Greek Mythology:)

I was pleasantly surprised when I found this recipe for Ms. Mimi’s Mini Cheese Cakes “from the desk of Angelina Ballerina.” Tabi is all about mini bites too, lol…

Ms. Mimi's Mini Cheese Cakes

I think the back cover of The National Dance Week Cookbook sums up the contents quite nicely.

Barre Food, The National Dance Week Cookbook, is the first cookbook for dance and food lovers. A combination cookbook and Who’s Who in Dance, this collection of recipes celebrates the art of cooking with the art of dance. Inside you will find over 200 recipes, ranging from breakfast through dessert, submitted by dance luminaries, dancers and dance merchants from all over the country. Each section features stunning photography by one of the premier dance photographers of our day, Rose Eichenbaum, and recipes include photos and biographies of notable figures in the dance world.
National Dance Week Cookbook

Thank you for joining me for Cookbook Wednesday and letting me “gush” over my grandkids:) I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. My plan is to return here on Sunday, May 1st with the calendar for May. If by chance I don’t make it, I will definitely be back next Wednesday with the calendar, Cookbook Wednesday and a little surprise:) Louise:)

P.S. If you have any questions about joining Cookbook Wednesday, feel free to email me at acalenda {@} gmail {dot} com

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